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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Greetings Each and Every One of You.

We are Mikael.

And we come to you today from the field, where we are enjoying all that physical world has to offer.

For this was our dream very very long time ago in your human terms.

We dreamed of this where we can work, we can walk, when we can look, we can smell, we can touch. We can view and experience things as our human self.

Yes that was our dream.

And we remind you that for many of you, just recently you have had that dream where you have remembered your vision. You remembered why you came here.

And we ask you and we remind you to be bold, to be outrageous, to live. To invite that dream into your reality. And live it. Own it. Manifest it. Because it is only you who can do that. It is only you who can make it real and yes for some of you…

We can hear some of you saying …but that is too grand, that is too big. That is not me. I am just but a small human.


You are a grand being. You are one that is timeless. We remind you that you have always been and you always will be. Sometimes it is easy to forget, we know. And even for us, for Alex. We know every intimate detail of our human self. That she can swear as a trooper when she comes across some of those very unpleasant energies. That she finds unpleasant. That she finds stinky. When she makes all of those funny vomit noises (in response to stinky energies).

And yet it is at those times that you breathe, that you open your heart, that you become vulnerable. Invite those energies in. Invite them to be you, to be permeated by the presence of your divine self. As a human, as a soul, as an eternal self. And watch how the unpleasant energy transforms. Watch how your world becomes that of beauty. Because you look at everything, you look at things through the eyes of love.

And it is not a love that is fluffy. It is not a love that is imaginary. It is not a love that is fake.

It is a real love. It is a love that can embrace the most ugliest of things. It can embrace darkness. It can embrace everything.

We remind you that when you feel those unpleasant energies…allow them to flow through you, allow them to be transformed and transmuted. And see how your world transforms. Perhaps not that of other humans, that is not your job.

Your job is to live you’re your dream. Your job is to live your vision. Your job is to allow all that you are to be physical, to be physical, to be present (with you), to be walking with you, to be playing with you, to be experiencing with you.

‘We know that’ not every day is the most joyful. And now you know what it is like when you are living like this (allowing your soul self and eternal self to be present with you). There is no more depression. There is no more darkness, not in the way that you know it when you lived as a separated human being (separated from soul). You can experience everything, all of the emotions.

But deep down and underneath the unpleasant emotions, you know and you feel at the same time …is acceptance, the unconditional love, the well being. The grandness of who you are.

So here we are reminding you of that.

It is a beautiful day wherever you are. Wherever you find yourself.

It is wonderful day.

It is the only day you will every have.

This now day. So bring in all. Everything.

Allow. Transmute.

With compassion that you know.

With compassion that you have discovered.

And look at your world around you with that compassion so that they to can discover it for themselves.

Ok. And we leave you know. But just for now. And in this form. Bye.

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