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Soul Vibes
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Soul Vibes

Episode 14

8 PM, 28 Oct,  Brisbane time zone

1 Hour Live stream

Join us for the monthly live stream where we explore the connection with our Soul from a variety of perspectives & nuances.

  • Feel the Presence of your Soul & Recognize It

  • Communicate  & Cooperate with It

  • Work with It & Be It

  • Be Wholeness & Grace of your Self in the midst of change

             Cost $11

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Image by 五玄土 ORIENTO

Jewels Of Wisdom Gathering 13 8 PM, Sun 8 Oct, Brisbane time zone

Join us for the live online private group discussions and sharing of our wisdom.

  • Via Zoom.

  • Join with Video or Audio. 

  • Allow your Soul to speak. 

  • These gatherings are private for those attending only.

  • Recording available after live event to participants.

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First Jewels Of Wisdom Gathering



"I just watched the recording of soulvibes 7 from march and ..... hui what a wonderful session. So much joy. Thank you for this creation."


"I simply loved this episode of soul vibes. My problem has been all about conversing with my soul. I can mostly feel the love coming through but have not yet managed to receive a connection in the form of translating those feelings into communication. I know it’s all about practice and I have to confess I probably don’t spend enough time making the connection. However, I now see how important it is to make time for this."


"I am enjoying Soul Vibes very much. There is peace and  wisdom, practical advice and otherwordly feelings of Soul. There is so much more to  experience. Thank you to every other participant. I don't know you in person but I can feel your energies that we bring together. "



"Alexis & Team, thank you for all your programs. I enjoy Soul Vibes so much.  Inspired to stay with me each day. Feeling and staying with me this morning, bringing consciousness to first chakra. Survival. Alone. Separating.

After that inspired to dancing, new appreciation of my body. I am a crone now, no longer 20. Something changed inside of me. Aha moment. Appreciation and acceptance of my age, my beautiful wrinkles. Letting go of the old images. Accepting the now. Just delicious!!!"

"Great adventure into Soul, into my perception of who I Am and exploring the subtle energies. I just didn't know and now I feel. Thank you for this series."


"Thank you so, so much, Alexis, for this amazing session which guided me into my senses and perceptions and enabled me to discern what is coming from within and when the mind is playing around.
It was so magical and insightful to feel the soul in the body, being made aware of how much I am loved.
AND" I perceived my soul again as this shining diamond with millions of facets, but some of them needed a soul cleanser  "THE SOUL VIBES"  to fully shine again.
With all my love,


"Thank you for the Soul Vibes. The practical information is so helpful, the insights and laughter inspired me to courageously dive into the depths of myself and discover more of the divine that lives and breathes in me. My heart is singing. What a gift"



"Thank you so much for Soul Vibes. I am feeling such a deep and abiding sense of peace today as I tune into my Soul. After listening live, I have listened again and will probably do so many times and in such a short time have succeeded in feeling as I had hoped. This is testimony to your gift as a wonderful teacher. I look forward to the next episode. Thank you for the opening I have at long last experienced.."

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