Private Sessions

Private one-on-one Zoom sessions are a powerful way to move your levels of relating with the Soul Self and the I Am.  Allow clarity, support and guidance for your journey in a safe space. Receive tools and help with any stuck energies and gently move them by developing a deeper love of Self and the conscious presence of your own Soul and the I Am.

Go deeper with multi session packs and develop the awareness and the daring to embrace your life fully. Create joyful, authentic and a sovereign way of living in a relationship with your own Soul Self through embracing the shadow self.  See beyond your own filters and projections to become aware of the depths of your being that will release your creativity. Learn to apply the newfound freedom to your daily life.

Move beyond fear to create a connection, love and intimacy with your Self.  Open to and allow the inner flow of nourishment and nurture, that can become always accessible, to create changes in your life. Deepen your connection with your own Eternal Self and develop the clear communication that offers guidance and support throughout your day.

Have a sesh with Mikael, St Germain, Mary Magdalene or Yeshua

  • Choose which Ascended Master you wish to speak with

  • Recordings of all sessions for you to keep

  • Choose video or audio only

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Single Session

  • One Hour Session US $200

  • Half Hour Session US $105

  • One-on-one live via Zoom

  • Recording for you to keep

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Of Freedom

  • 2 One Hour Sessions

  • Cost US $360

  • One-on-one live via Zoom

  • Recordings for you to keep

Private Mentoring

  6 Month Journey

Travel with Alexis & Team

US $2,200

Exclusive - Only Few Spaces Through the Year

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Private Mentoring

  • 2 Live one-on-one Zoom sessions per month (total 12 sessions)

  • Correspondence Support throughout 6 months

  • Recordings of all our sessions for you to keep

  • Exclusive as only few spaces available through the year

Code your new life as you touch the depths with fearless soul encounters.

Move beyond fear & limitations by creating a living connection, love and intimacy with your soul self. Allow the embodiement of your being into your daily life. Open to the inner flow of nourishment and nurture that is always accessible.

Move beyond inner filters and projections and become aware of the depths of your being. Release your own creativity and apply the newfound freedom to your daily life.


How does it work?

After purchasing a single private session or a pack, I will send you an email to set the time and date for our session/s. Once we set these details, I will then send you an email with details and Zoom link for the live session (or multi links if you have chosen a pack). You will receive a reminder email a week and another one a day prior to the live meeting.


After purchasing I will contact you via email to set our schedules. It works best to have sessions about 2 weeks apart.

Zoom is free to you and very easy to use especially if you are familiar with Skype and other video chats. It will automatically download a small app the first time you click on the invitation link and guide you through the short joining process. You can connect to Zoom via computer, tablet, or a smartphone.  Your computer must be fitted with camera for the video link, microphone and speakers. You can also join on telephone (audio only).  You can choose to have video or audio only.


Each session will be recorded and I will upload the video/audio recording for you to keep.

Please do not drive shortly after the live session as you may be light headed from the energies. Very often, there are a number of Ascended Masters present in the sessions.


Thank you and it is an honour to serve you in this way.

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"Thank you so much Mary Magdalene and Alexis for helping me to open up my potentials. They were hidden and I couldn't see them before. The energy has moved. I found courage with what I previously feared. I can not define our sessions."


"Dear Alexis, dear sister I wish you a marvelous 2021 New Year! You are the one of the Souls that helped me feel my Soul from the beginning of my awakening! Thank you for being the way you are, thank you for mirroring my light into yours, for encouraging me to go through the darkest places of my Soul and see, feel and bring them home...I feel very tired now after so many internal battles and finally I see that it is about accepting the life that is in me and around me and surrendering. Lots of love from my heart to yours and hugs! Thank you, thank you, thank you! "


"Choosing to have a one on one with Alexis and Yeshua felt amazing and joyous. I was so excited to see her and talk to Yeshua as well.

It was such an intensely exquisite experience as we remember so much together. And with remembering, I was able to feel more into myself and who I am. As Yeshua spoke to me about parts of my experience together with him and our shared archetypal energies, I was able to bring more gratitude for myself.Initially, I was surprised to discover parts of me and yet it never felt more natural and full of sense. I was able to acknowledge some profound inner gifts and nourish them. That's huge. If you choose to for a session with Alexis, you'll notice something else that's also amazing: there will be no mind talk. Your dramas will dissipate as you focus only on what the Soul wants to share, even though all parts are compassionately acknowledged, but never given the attention they're seeking for the sake of distraction. Thank you, Alexis, for helping me remember something very very important to how I see, feel, act every day, and what I can bring forth at any given moment."

'Truly amazing, what we created together with Saint Germain during these expansive wonderful sessions. We moved a lot of energies and I'm filled with wonder and gratitude. So real and deep, I take a leap into - ME! Thank you so much!'

"I was feeling very stuck in my relationship and I had no idea how bring about the resolution. Thank you Mikael for the clarity to see my partner as his true self, instead of as a victim, and I felt the freedom and love that is possible for both of us. I can never truly put into words the experience I received."

"I just completed the 3 month journey Touching the Depths with Alexis. It has been one of the most profound and enlightening journeys I have allowed myself in this realization process. Alex assisted me in a very kind and gentle way to give voice to my Eternal Self. I clearly experienced the presence of Michael, Michaela, and Yeshua through Alex, which enabled me to truly understand that I was so much greater than this body or mind. I was able to release much of the finite ideas about myself and truly embrace my infinite magnificence! I would highly recommend this journey to anyone who is ready to embrace their embodied enlightenment. Thank you, Alex and team for walking with me on this journey and I will enjoy your continued company as I proceed. Much love and gratitude!"

"Thank you again for the wonderful session! I had a chance to listen to the recording twice now, and each time I'm transported to dimensions overflowing with the kind of love that bathes every fiber of my being with peaceful ecstasy. It is actually hard to find the right words to describe the senses that your divine presence evokes within me. I'm in awe with you Alex! You embody your angelic nature so gracefully, and the message you relay is not only crystal clear and to the point but also infused with the highest frequencies my physical body can currently accommodate without bursting into flames. Your loving service is a blessing, a gift that I receive at so many levels.THANK YOU!!!!"

"Thank you Alexis for re-focusing my attention back to my soul, my self love. Indeed, all else will fall into place once my connection to Myself is secured. Your gentle,loving energy is so needed in this dimension.And I am so grateful to have experienced it. Mahsi Cho (Slavey for Thank you.)"

"It was a pleasure and a real gift to have two sessions with Alexis, Michaela and Yeshua in the last few weeks of 2018. I chose them to be an actual gateway to enter through in my brand New Life Year. Every time I go back to watch and breathe in these sessions, I feel more and more connected to my Eternal Self, inspired and closer to the awareness of my Soul Presence. Everything feels smooth, flowing and simple for me and for life itself when I am in the presence of these friends..., that I can not explain in words. Having and hearing again the sessions makes me feeling, every time, the wonderful ease and grace that these fellow Ascended Masters irradiate, and how it is growing up and expanding in my daily life. They are reflecting Me, till I became fully Myself. Thank you, guys, infinite thanks, Alex. "

"You have such a beautiful, gentle and powerful way of getting to the point, the limitations, fears and issues that I haven't been able to look at before. You make it seem so easy and then it is easy for me to face them on my own too. Thank you Alexis and Mikael for helping me find my courage to see and release my own blockages. To create new ways of being."

"This was my first sesion through video and online, and I was surprised at how intimate and immediate the experience was. Intensity plus. Not everything was easy to discuss but it was needed to move forward. I appreciate the directness, kindness and compassion more than words can say! ."

"Thank you for most profound experience. I came at a turning point in my life where I needed to make a change but had no idea how I was going to do it. Session with you helped me with clarity, released the anxiety and the fear which used to block me from taking new steps. Speaking to you felt like I was talking to my soul. I have no words for some things that I experienced during the session. I feel I have tools now and I am so much lighter and grounded."

"I just completed three months journey and I was so worried before but now I am looking forward to go deeper. It is difficult to describe the experience in words. Alexis was very professional, intuitive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with her even though the work was very intensive. I felt safe and cared for while working with transforming old habits."

"Thank you both Alexis and Michael for your gentleness, patience, clarity, directness and a loving heart. Past life fragments no more interfere with my conscious awareness or sabotage my life. You have helped me to connect to peace. I have the energy and awareness to move on from stuck situations. I feel more clear and there is much to look forward to."