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Alexis is a energy guide and transformation teacher who assists all those who are choosing to open themselves to their heart, to the depths of who they are and allow their expanded self to be part of their daily life. This choice overtime completely reorients inner and outer life and touches every aspect of ones being. She is passionate about self expression through creativity, sovereignty, freedom and sacredness of all life.

The expanded self can be referred to as Sacred Triad and consists of Human Self, the individuated Soul Self (Master) and the Eternal Self or I Am that I Am. Alexis, Sikahra and Mikael in my case.

Alexis also channels our non-physical friends; Ascended Masters Yeshua and St Germain.

The Story so far...

Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael is a well know Angel who has been actively working with humanity throughout our history and most people of variety of faiths and beliefs are familiar with his name. He appears in ancient stories and there are many statues all over the world that portray the Archangel with his sword. His image has been painted on fresques and old paintings of grand battles, some that have already happened and others that are supposedly yet to come. One of the oldest manuscripts that mentions Archangel Michael is the Sumerian Epic of Galoshes written in cuneiform on 12 clay tablets (c. 2150 - 1400 BC). Another one is The Book of Enoch, of which the sections were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls which themselves are 2000 years old, but The Book predates those.

A mummy of a woman, who has Archangel Michael's name tattooed on her leg, was recently found in Sudan. She she lived about 1300 years ago.


Archangel Michael has many buildings and sites dedicated to her, and some of the most spectacular ones are aligned to the Michael ley line which runs from the island Skellig Michael near Ireland all the way South to Mont Carmel in Israel. Many are familiar with the island Skellig Michael because it was featured in the recent Star Wars movie series. It is the island of Luke Skywalker.


The leyline continues on to Saint Michael's mount off the point of Cornwall and spectacular tidal island Le Mont St Michael in France, fabulous monastery La Sacra di San Michele in Piemon and Monte Gargano where Archangel Michael appeared a number of times. Then passing through Delos and Delphi, Corfu and on to Mont Carmel in Israel. More info on ley lines with maps is available here:


The word 'angel' comes from the Greek angelos, which can be considered a translation from the Hebrew word mal'akh, meaning a 'messenger', a being who is responsible for carrying messages between the human world and the other realms. A being who is an intermediary and a mediator between the 'down here' and 'up there'.

Predating the Hebrew culture is Sumeria whose society is the oldest that has left us physical evidence of the use of a winged human motif in the form of stone carvings. They believed that each person has a 'ghost', which we now call a 'guardian angel', and this being remains a constant companion for a person throughout their life.

When durable stone 'angel' motifs start to appear in Sumeria around 3,000 BC, the wings of these beings signify their ability to travel to places that ordinary people can't reach - the other worlds and higher states. As mentioned above, these beings then act as mediators and messengers between these worlds.

Altars dedicated to guardian angels have been found in the excavations of ancient Sumerian homes, along with stone engravings and temple wall paintings of human figures with wings. Later cultures continued the stories and made them their own.

Internet is a wonderful tool for those wanting to do more research and I have only touched upon some historical details and have concentrated on physical artifacts. There is a wealth of information (and misinformation, please use discernment) and I haven't even mentioned Lemuria and Atlantis, the two cultures which have not left us with a lot of physical evidence but feature in a whole lot of channeled works.  These cultures did not leave us any written words,  pictures or carvings but that does not mean that the cultures were not advanced or that they did not exist.

Similar to the role of a non physical angelic being is the ancient tradition of shamanism, whereby a shaman acts as a mediator and a traveller between the different worlds/spheres.  Animal spirits act in a role of a guide and a guardian. The shamans use various tools and methods including the drum beats in their rituals. This is to facilitate the transport and the flight into other worlds with the aid of their own guardian animals. During such flights they reach various levels of realms. Upon returning to this world, they use the information they learned during their journey to benefit and help people.

Historical people like Moses and Enoch also had this ability to travel between the worlds of human and god and to translate the information for the benefit of people. They acted as intermediaries, interceders, intercessors and channels between the realms. Priesthood was created to continue with this practice.

In the old times,  it was considered that everyday person could not directly communicate with non physical beings, other realms and ones own soul self. Clear communication with their own soul was not considered possible as the veil between the realms was thick. Death was a mystery, although the older cultures have  had clear instructions and rituals to assist the recently deceased person in how to start navigating  the non physical state of being after their passing. One such ritual was to be greeted by Charon The Ferryman, who ferried the person across the river which was separating the two realms.


The common theme accross the cultures was that the everyday person could only hope to get some glimpses and coded messages from other realms and even that only at certain special times of their life.  The codes were encrypted and one had to guess what their own soul would possibly want. Or go to specialists like shamans and priests for translation of the crypted messages. Faith was considered a virtue and necessary because direct experience with their own soul did not exist. And so the intermediaries and interpreters were necessary translate and bring the messages.

But this veil, this disconnection that used to firmly divide the world of humans and other worlds, has thinned and in some people vanished altogether. Many have worked dilligently through many lifetimes to allow the presence of the cousciousness to permeate the physical realm. Last few decades have seen thousands of people that experience awakening. They have awakened to the reality of their vast inner world, the non-physical worlds, the other realms, non physical beings. They have melted the divide between realms within themselves. They have awakened to the reality that other realms are real and accessible. The have awakened to their ability to clearly commune with, understand and interact with their own soul self. The inner world of the individual is where all the action happens. It is the only place where this can happen.

This presence of consciousness opens up the innate human ability to perceive all that was previously hidden. The image of the iceberg with its small top above the ocean (conscious realm) and majority of it underneath the surface (unconscious realm) is no longer true for many people.  Many people are on their own journey in different stages of awakening and realisation.  Ascended Masters are the fully realised ones.

And so it was during my own intense awakening journey that I conscioiusly met Archangel Michael for the first time in this lifetime. She acted as a representative of high consciousness of Michael spiritual family as well as my own inner mediator between my own soul self and human self. Archangels represent the pure and archetypal states of their own spiritual families and do not have a gender. She helped me the human self, to cross the bridge that was dividing human from soul. It took some time but we did it. We bridged the gap. There is no need to wonder if my Soul Self is real, if the other realms are real, or what my Soul wants. She speaks clearly and precisely. She does not use a voice but speaks in comprehensive way that is difficult to describe. The closest description could be likened to sitting down somewhere in nautre or going for a walk. You can understand the language of nature, you can  hear it speak. It speaks cleary of the peace, well being, aliveness, health,rejuvination, grandness. You understand its language, your body understands its language and you start feeling wonderful in response to the language of nature. You communed with nature as your whole self including the body, you understood what it said to you and you responded.  So in the same way, my Human Self communes and understands my Soul Self and the clarity keeps evolving.

Alexis Srsa


I've always wanted to know how everything works. And most of all, I wanted to be free.

Throughout my life I explored  a wide variety of material. As a teenager I delved into the workings of the mind, psychology, social sciences, philosophies, biology, geology, history and the way of mechanical devices from cars, computers, jet engines to space rockets. In my late teens I  discovered quantum physics, astrophysics and cosmology. I was hoping that these will give me the answers to the mysteries of life.

Why are we here? Why is there suffering in the world and the lack of freedom? How can this be changed? Why does my heart feel so broken and how can I heal it? These and many other questions occupied my mind.

Soon I realised that the sciences were fascinating and practical as they improved the lives of humans in many ways. But they did not give me the answers I was looking for. They also created a lot of environmental and ethical problems themselves and had no remedy for my broken heart.

I traveled and moved into the world. This gave me the experience of many different cultures and the great range of beliefs that people hold. I noticed the limitations within the thinking process and the beliefs, and how these shape the lives of people in different parts of the globe.  I  also noticed that majority of people had broken hearts regardless of which culture they lived in.

This led me to metaphysics and spirituality. I delved into channeled work, the western self-help philosophy and its circles, astrology, numerology, eastern thought, reiki, buddhism, shamanism and more. I read the bible cover to cover. I researched ancient sumerian texts, red sea scrolls and others texts. I met many people within the movement.

I was a great researcher who tested the theories on myself and had no problem in letting things go if they did not work for me in every day reality. How do I bridge the divide between the spirit and matter so that heaven is not in some far away unreachable place?

My focus started shifting from the external conditions to the workings of my own internal world. I noticed the turmoil, battles and the lack of freedom that was on the inside of me. This was reflected in my outer reality. I became aware of my own state of consciousness, the play of the light and the dark within me. I became aware of the war that was raging inside of me, ancient and unresolved. The typical light and dark battles. I met my own precious Shadow Self.

And finally I became consciously aware of Archangel Michael who assisted me on my journey of awakening and then through the integration of my heart and soul. With great help from other people. And of course the Ascended Masters Yeshua, St Germain and my non-physical friends Seth, Lazaris, Kryon and Adamus. My beloved Nature. And I discovered myself as a Soul that has a name Sikara. A name that keeps changing and is like a song. And my own Eternal Self, the part that always was, is and will be.

And Then What Happened

And so it happened that my Eternal Self asked me to put my sword down. Which at the time was impossible for me to do because I was not able to see my sword. It was such an ingrained part of me. The great tradition of Michael family, the battle for justices, the oppressed, the victims, those in need, the freedom, for truth, my truth. I carried the sword and used it on regular basis. I was a fighter in a modern sense, often with words, with pen. I was engaged in many battles for truth on a daily basis. With other people, with my close ones. I thought my truth was the only truth and others should take on my truth too. I had very defined ideas about the light and dark and I only could see the dark on the outside of me. I always took the side of the light which then cast a great big shadow. My own shadow. The shadow which unconsciously co-created so much of my life, my wounded story. It took me a while to realise that I was projecting my own darkness onto the outside world, on other people...and that the real battles were raging on the inside of me, creating wounds and breaking my own heart. There are no winners in this ancient story of the battle of dark and light. Because you are unconsciously battling yourself, your own unaccepted parts. Your own shadow. Your own darkness. Trying to suppress it, destroy it.


But neither the light or dark can destroy each other. Both are equal parts of the whole. Both are equal parts of you. And I.

The journey of stepping out of the battle, of integration of light and dark within me took a few years and was very involved, very intense. It was full of amazing discoveries also, the thrill of living, healing of wounds. It was full of accepting and then letting go of things I thought were impossible to move. Dissolving patterns that before seemed impossible to change. It would take books and books to describe. This journey of self love, acceptance and allowing has taken more courage than anything I have experienced before.

The awakening journey and then the time of realisation enabled me to melt the veils and walls between the human world and the other realms. There is no more requirement of any intermediaries, messengers, mediators or any rituals to establish the connection between the Human, the Soul and the Eternal Self. The Divine Trinity.


The connection is permanent, the relationship real. My inner world is completely different than it used to be. My own direct channel to the constant spring of my own well being is open. I feel constant support, acceptance, love and interaction between my own Divine Parts. There is not one part of me that can ever feel alone or abandoned again. Or without support. I have found the solution, the healing of all the issues I had. The separation was the main issue. Living in the small box of the separated mind was the issue. Creating my realty based on that separation, with all that entailed, was the issue.

The creation we are part of, is a vast space and this vastness of being is here to be enjoyed, to be experienced, to be danced with. There are solutions, there are myriads of choices. This new path is dynamic, challenging, exhilarating. It continuously stretches me beyond anything I thought I would dare to do, to be and keeps expanding. It forever changes the very basis of the human self and how she relates to the existence.


This path has never been walked before. The acceptance of self, the self love. The light and dark that dance together in respect of each other and create New Energy, New Worlds. The integration of feminine and masculine. The fearless life. The Spirit walking the Earth in Human body.

And what of the Archangel....well he is no longer stuck with having to wear the tight and uncomfortable battle gear when relating with me. Or a heavy sword. I don't need  protection any more  and I don't need him to destroy any monsters on my behalf. Because that monster was my own shadow. A shadow that  is no longer a stranger to me, nor is it an enemy that carries all the darkness that I did not want to acknowledge or accept within myself.  I no longer project that shadow on the rest of the world and put the blame on it or fight it out there. Archangel, well she can be the brother, he can be the sister and a friend. It is what she was looking forward to the whole time. To this living and breathing relationship, the intimacy of friendships, the joy of living.

The realisation that all is within. The Archangel. The Soul. The Eternal Self. No longer needing to define Self except for the purposes of play in the joy of the moment. Integrated and whole. Realised. I Am that I Am. And so We Are.

Alexis Srsa 2021



So what is the difference between Archangel Michael and Mikael? Ancient versions of name Mikha'El translate as 'Who is like God'. There are many versions of the spelling the name Mikael and it is not as important as the experience. Michael is also at times referred to a particular spiritual family (one of 144.000). The spiritual families had a bigger role to play in the past and Michael family was associated with attributes like truth, protection and others. For me personally, I came to know myself as a member of this spiritual family. But the personal experience of Mikaell for me is as the presence and awareness of my Eternal Self.  The Source,  the Grand Creator being, the Oversoul, the I Am That I Am, the We Are that We Are.

Before there was anything, there was. There was the One which felt the desire to experience itself through many different facets and perspectives of itself. Female and Male it became. Many it became. And each one of the many started to become aware of itself. One of them gave itself name of Michael. My Eternal Self. And this one that was many, that  is also a nameless one, gave freedom to its many to experience themselves as creators in their own right and sovereignty. And one of these is the one I call my Soul Self. This one too has a name that sounds like a song and it keeps changing with experience.

Archangel Michael represents archetypal energies of Michael family. She has never been physical and is unlike us humans for her ability to radiate the light always. Each spiritual family has their own Archangel to carry the essence of that family. Like Archangel Michael, I too am a facet of Mikael. And unlike the Archangel, I as a Human am physical and have the light and dark within me. I have the ability to choose and the ability to dance with these. And I also have the ability to integrate them and create a completely new way of being. Not of duality but the new energy. As a Human Self I have the ability to disconnect from my Source, my Eternal Self. And I, like other human beings, have walked the Earth in separation, disconnected for many lifetimes and for a very long time.

At present, there are approximately 1 million other human beings on Earth who are aspects and facets of Michael.


We, Mikael, are a living consciousness. We are that we are, we have no name at the source of our being. We are not a single colour, we are a whole spectrum. We have always been, are, and always will be. We span worlds, the universes, the dimensions and the vastness of voids. We are in time and we exist outside of time. We call ourselves 'we' because we are multifaceted and do not have a singular identity. It is our joy to now also be walking among you, awake, aware, present. An integrated Spirit in the human body. This has been our dream and desire for a very long time and now it has and is coming into fruition.


You, our human counterparts, the parts of ourselves that are physical,  are making this possible. By going through awakening, the integration, the realisation.  The Divine Trinity; blending and infusion of Human, Soul and Eternal Self in the physical realms. Perfect as they are, and at the same time continually expanding.


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