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About Alexis


Alexis is a transformation facilitator, change mentor, and spiritual energies guide dedicated to helping individuals reconnect with their inner essence and integrate the soul into everyday life. Alexis's journey from childhood trauma and suffering to joyful well-being underscores a deep understanding of the transformation process. The unfolding inner peace and artful dance with life serve as a testament to the power of awakening to one's true self through inner work.

Having navigated the depths of personal transformation, Alexis understands the profound shift that occurs when one embraces their divinity and integrates their shadow self. This paradigm shift reorients both inner and outer life, touching every aspect of one's being, and unfolds a newfound and permanent sense of wholeness.

With a unique blend of personal experience, ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and spiritual practices, Alexis assists clients in navigating profound changes and cultivating a life of wholeness. Her work fosters incredible freedom, passion, grit, joy, and abundant well-being in diverse aspects of life.


Alexis is passionate about self-expression through creativity, sovereignty, and the sacredness of all life. This requires the practice of self-love, radical acceptance, compassion, and inspiring others to embark on their own journeys of mastery.

The journey of embracing one's divine essence and walking the path of self-mastery awakens a sense of purpose, revealing one’s place in the grand tapestry of existence - a grand adventure interwoven with consciousness.

Alexis invites you to align with your true self, explore the depths of your being, rediscover your divine nature, and embody love, wisdom, and presence. This is the life of a master.

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Alexis Srsa

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Creator.  Transformation Facilitator.

Scientist of the New Energy.



I've always wanted to know how everything works. Most of all, I wanted to be whole and well.

Throughout my life, I explored a wide variety of subjects. As a teenager, I delved into the workings of the mind, psychology, social sciences, philosophies, biology, geology, history, and mechanical devices—from cars, computers, and jet engines to space rockets. In my late teens, I discovered quantum physics, astrophysics, and cosmology, hoping these would provide the answers to life's mysteries.

Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering in the world and a lack of freedom? How can this be changed? Why does my heart feel so broken, and how can I heal it? These and many other questions occupied my mind.

Soon, I realized that while the sciences were fascinating and practical, improving human lives in many ways, they had become like a religion for many—a fixed and limited belief system rather than a method of continual curiosity and inquiry. Science by itself did not give me the answers I was looking for, nor did it facilitate the healing of inner suffering and trauma. The world of science also created many environmental and ethical problems and did not offer a remedy for my broken heart.

I traveled from Slovenia, my home country, and moved into the world, eventually settling in Australia. My travels exposed me to many different cultures and a wide range of beliefs. I noticed many wonderful things and also certain limitations within the thinking processes and beliefs, shaping people's lives in different parts of the globe, including my own culture. I also noticed that most people had similar issues of broken hearts regardless of which culture they lived in.

This led me to metaphysics and spirituality. I delved into channeled work, western self-help philosophy, astrology, numerology, eastern thought, reiki, Buddhism, shamanism, and more. I read the Bible cover to cover. I researched ancient Sumerian texts, Dead Sea Scrolls, and other ancient writings. I met many people and had incredible experiences within these environments.

I was a great researcher who tested theories on myself and had no problem letting things go if they did not work for me in everyday reality. How do I bridge the divide between spirit and matter so that heaven is not some faraway, unreachable place? How do I transform the war within myself and start experiencing peace, joy, and well-being? How do I heal trauma, inner suffering, a broken heart, and inner wounds? How do I accept life on its own terms? How do I change into someone who thrives, loves self, forgives, moves on, and is not stuck in old, painful, self-undermining, self-criticizing patterns? How do I change harmful and destructive ancestral patterns? How do I stop blaming and take responsibility for my life? How do I accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can, and be wise enough to see the difference between the two? And much more.

My focus started shifting from external conditions to the workings of my own internal world. I noticed my own turmoil, battles, and lack of freedom inside me, reflected in my outer reality. I became aware of my state of consciousness, the play of light and dark within me. I became aware of the ancient and unresolved war raging inside of me. The typical light and dark battles. I became aware of my own precious Shadow Self.

Finally, I became consciously aware of Archangel Michael, who assisted me on my journey of awakening and through the integration of my mind, heart, and soul.

I received an enormous amount of help along the way from friends, people I met worldwide, and my own blood family. And the amazing teachers and facilitators who made a huge difference on my journey.

I discovered myself as a Soul that has a name, a name that keeps changing its tone and is like a song of beautiful harmonies. And I rediscovered my own I Am that I Am; the part that is everything and nothing, that always was, is, and will be.

I also serve as a channel for Ascended Masters Mary Magdalene, Yeshua & St Germain.

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