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Terms & Conditions

The material on this website is for those who have taken responsibility for their life, as creators of their own life. All the information on this website; including the live classes, cloud classes, sessions, articles, recordings and webinars are imbued with transformational energies that can have a very deep effect.


Transformation & transmutation deal with integration and becoming aware of ones shadow self. Shadow self is the unconscious space where the unaware person stores parts of themselves that they have disowned and have not wanted to face or acknowledge. The material can trigger memories of traumatic events and strong emotions that arise to be integrated and released. It is a natural part of the journey of enlightenment.

It can at times be very uncomfortable to face ones shadow self and experience the integration of duality. It takes a number of years to integrate duality as we are vast and have had so many experiences. 

The nature of duality is the identification is with only 'one side of the coin' and projecting the other 'side of the same coin' on to the outside world, onto the 'other'. 

Depending on the issue, the comfortable part of the duality and the one that is conscious, can be a 'positive' side (eg feeling 'successful'). In other issues the identification is with the negative side (eg. unworthy).  The opposite side is projected on to the 'other', for example via blame, jealousy, wishful thinking etc.

 Part of the work of coming home includes becoming conscious and accepting all of Self, owning it and allowing oneself to become whole.

Therefore, the energies of the classes can at times feel uncomfortable in the short term as you become conscious of what was previously unacknowledged. Congratulate yourself in those times for the courage to accept your own darkness.


It is in this space of acceptance & wholeness that true freedom, sovereignty, self love, joy and much more is realised and can then be lived in a daily life.


It is not recommended that you drive shortly after partaking the classes or sessions.


We are strongly committed to maintaining your privacy and none of the information provided is shared to the third party.



No refund after the class, course or private sessions, or mentoring packs have started. Refund are available within 24 hours prior to commencement less the 20% administration fee.

Your payment can be transferred to another class or service of equal value at a later date if you change your mind.



The material on this website is for those who take responsibility for their own life, the choices they make and accept that they are the creator of their own experience.

Alexis Srsa is sharing knowledge, ideas, techniques, tools, information, suggestions and guidance which are based on the wisdom of her own life experience, the choices that she has made, the various techniques and tools that she uses and which have worked in her life. She is providing assistance and services to those who resonate with her message. Awakening, integration and realisation are states which do not require a diploma, approval or credentials from the external world. They are states of being based on claiming inner authority originating from Self, making own choices and the way of life. Taking responsibility for ones own life is crucial and this includes reliance upon your own discernment, assessments, inquiries and research to verify the accuracy and relevance to you of the information provided on this website, during private sessions, mentoring, classes, courses and webinars.


The Alexis Srsa website is owned and operated by Alexis Srsa. Use of this website and/or participation in the courses is subject to your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, Legal Statement and Disclaimer. You acknowledge that your use of, and/or access to the Alexis Srsa website and participation in the courses constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions, Legal Statement and Disclaimer.


As an express condition to reading the content of this website, participating in online and/or phone courses, you understand and agree to the following terms:

  • The information contained on this website is true and correct as at the time of being uploaded to the web server, however Alexis Srsa accepts no responsibility for errors in the content of this website, whether negligent or otherwise. The information contained on this website is intended as a general guide only.

  • Alexis Srsa reserves the right to make changes, modifications, additions, deletions and corrections to the website, at any time and without notice.

  • The information provided on the Alexis Srsa website has been provided for your information only. Alexis Srsa makes no warranties about the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this website. It is not and should not be regarded as advice, including legal and/or medical advice.

  • The contents of this website, private sessions, online and/or webinar cloud courses are provided solely for informational and educational purposes and are not meant to substitute professional and medical advice, psychological advice, psychiatric advice, counseling, therapeutic services, medical care and diagnosis.

  • In no event shall Alexis Srsa be liable for any damages or consequences resulting from direct, indirect, correct or incorrect use of information and techniques contained on this site or from participating in the courses. Alexis Srsa will not accept any liability for any loss, damage, claim, cost or expense whatsoever or other injury resulting from the use of this website and/or participating in the courses. If you choose to participate in activities, suggestions, techniques, ideas and exercises shown in this website or during the courses, you do so of your own free will and assume all risks associated with such activities, suggestions and exercises. You agree that use of any or every part of the service is entirely at your own risk.

  • Alexis Srsa does not accept any liability for any investment decisions made on the basis of the information on our website and/or from participating in the courses

  • At any time, Alexis Srsa reserves the right to terminate service if misleading information is given by the client.

  • Alexis Srsa website may at times contain links to other web sites. Alexis Srsa is not responsible, and does not accept any liability for the information contained on those websites. Furthermore, an external link to another website does not imply that Alexis Srsa endorses the products, services or information given on that website.

  • Information and materials included on the site, unless otherwise stated, are copyrighted by Alexis Srsa and may be downloaded by users solely for their own personal use. Any other activity or reproduction of information and materials requires prior permission from these agencies.

  • The use of the Alexis Srsa by a person (you) is subject to these terms of service. If you do not agree with these terms and express conditions, do not read this website or participate in the courses and services. Your use of this website, services, and any participation in activities, suggestions, materials and information mentioned on this website or in the courses, mean that you are agreeing to be legally bound by these terms.

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