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The world around me is a living canvas, the expression of the energy and consciousness dancing, relating and creating. The landscapes of the living world continuously offer sensory delights and profound insights into the inherent sacredness of all life, of of all interactions and all moments in our lives. They not only reflect back the beauty but they offer deep insights and unraveling of the inner wisdom of Self. 

This kind of perspective and interaction with life is deeply intimate, ever-changing, and joyfully responsive. I am inspired by the unbridled freedom of nature, seeing all life as sacred and interconnected. Wild beings, in their unapologetic existence, teach me the true essence of freedom - to be authentically myself; allowing the flow of life, the intimacy with my world,  and the freedom in being myself, in being real. Immersing into this grand symphony of life is an unparalleled experience.


My photography has transformed into a meditative journey, opening my eyes to the subtle grace and rich essence of all life forms and my interaction with them. Through being present, through the lenses, my senses continually evolve, dancing with an ever-expanding array of feelings, colors, sounds, textures, and aromas.

Through my artistic expression, I hope to ignite in you the same yearning for wild, unbounded freedom that can be realized anywhere. It is the freedom to be the Self, to be real whatever that is for you. For me it has a lot to do with nature, for others it may be the landscapes of the fascinating inner city life, the suburbs or any other location. Life is alive everywhere. You are invited to feel its flow though you and through all around you. A daring to be and express your true self in its full glory. For there is truly nothing like embracing and living your authentic self.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

"What would you like to say today, I asked my Eternal Self, my Soul.
We would speak of beauty and glorious things, we would speak of moments surrendered to life. 

Where time has ceased its grip.

The play of scents so strong, so enticing, so mesmerizing.

The skin alive to the touch of the wind responding with pulses of pure enjoyment.
The thought of tomorrow not intruding.

Nor the past stretching its fingers to insert the stories repeated a thousand and one times.

The sounds of this moment.

So pure. Eternal.

So loud. And whispering. All at once.

Every touch of the Earth on the soles of feet sending impulses of joy with every step.

With every fibre of our being.
This is our song of today."

Photo prints are part of support gratitude. Consider donating to support my work and I will send you an autographed print of the photo you choose. You can choose from pics below or if you like any other photo I posed on social media, please let me know and I will develop a print for you.


Print size options:

  • Large(24x36 in/ 60x90 cm)

  • Medium (20x30 in/ 50x76cm)

  • Small (16x20 in)/ 40x50 cm)

The photo is printed on a photographic paper and will also be autographed. You will receive it in a postal roll. Some people like to then frame the photo-print or you can use 'picture hanging strips' to fit on a wall. Photo-prints also make a great gift.

To receive a print:

  1. Choose support option and make payment

  2. Add name of photo & print size in the note on Paypal payment page, or send me a message / email

  3. Add the address you wish me to send the print too (let me know if it is gift to another person)​


Ancient One


Blood Moon

Bridge To Self

Bubbles Of Potentials

Celestial Spaces


Dance Of Raindrops

Dance Of Tides

Deep Breath

Dream Lands

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