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 Your Christ Self

3 Months Journey

Presented by Mary Magdalene & Yeshua

05 Sep 2021,  7 PM

Brisbane/Australia time zone

Picking Strawberries
  • 3 Month Journey

  • 2 Hour Live Broadcasts each month

  • Q&A

  • Access to the recordings for 3 months

  • Access to private sessions at 20% discount during the 3 month journey

  • Cost US $444

Cloud Classes  

  • Video classes

  • 3 months access


After purchasing a class, please allow few hours to receive the link via email (depending on the time zone difference). If the class you purchased includes a private session, I will email you to set a date and time.


2 Hour Cloud Class +
1 Hour Private Session
US $260

With St Germain

  • Dive into your own sensuality

  • The benefits of a sensual life

  • How to stay in the sensual space

  • The depths, finesse and subtleties of your new life

  • Flourish and thrive

Angels are incredibly sensual and there is nothing quite as sensual and real as being an embodied Angel. Sensuality is often mistaken for wounded sexuality. The ability to perceive, to sense, to experience is so much broader and richer than you have allowed yourself to explore up to now. The presence of the greater self in this reality enhances your current human senses and adds the new abilities to become aware of many other senses that you already have but were not aware of.  Allow your true angelic sensual nature to flourish in the new realities.

Mastery of Transformation


2 Hour Cloud Class +

1 Hour Private Session

US $260

With St Germain

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin

The inner alchemy of spiritual transformation is all about the transmutation of the limited structures and barriers that keep the personality in patterns which prevent the allowing of direct connection with your soul.

The transformation process ultimately frees you from the core wounds and the core beliefs which support the limited state of being. Transformation itself has many different layers and levels and uses. At the deepest level it is about a total change from one state of being, one state of identification to another, from caterpillar to butterfly.

On a day to day level, transformation can serve you in many ways to transmute habits that do not support your well-being into self love and self care.​ Soul alchemy is the continual allowing of the essence to imbue and so transform the separated base elements of our inner psyche into wholeness. Transformation and soul alchemy are crucial abilities and tools in your toolbox of the new life.​ Travel with Master Alchemist St Germain as he walks with us through the alchemy of transformation.

Become the modern Magi as you Master the tools of the trade.

Soul Speak


2 Hour Cloud Class +

1 Hour Private Session

US $260

With Mikael

Sheet Music
  • The basis of connecting, communicating and understanding your Soul self.

  • Speaking on behalf of your Soul

  • What does it feel like to be in the presence and in the flow.

  • How do you get into this space, how do you recognize it and how do you stay there. 

  • How do you thrive on change.

  • You don't need to look elsewhere, your own life is the raw material for everything that you need. Your own emotions, the issues, your story is the material upon which your Soul writes.

Shapeshifting Perceptions

Effortless Reality Shifts

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $15

  • 3 months access to the recording

The multitude of perceptions are already available to you and you as a human self is absolutely able to shapeshift and perceive the different realities of yourself. The different points of view. The new realities that are now available to you on Earth require this ability to shapeshift from one into the other. To perceive where you are and to step and allow into the where you choose. The 'where' is here, all around you at different vibrational levels. Allow these amazing abilities that you posses to be part of your conscious life.

The Exquisite You

Presented by Yeshua

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $10

  • 3 months access to the recording

There is so much joy in embracing and being the magnificence that you are. Not only is it satisfying in itself, but this state allows you to maintain your highest vibration. And from this place you create your daily reality that reflects who you are allowing yourself to be. The Magnificent One of the New Earth.

The Aha Moments

Presented by Yeshua

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $10

  • 3 months access to the recording

Those glorious Aha Moments when it all comes together and the whole is so much bigger than the sum of its parts. Being ones own wisdom in the moments of clarity is priceless. The experience of great satisfaction when we get the realisation that changes our perception. The experience of so many nuances and facets, angles and points of view. From theory to the reality of the New Earth.

The Master of Intensities

Thrive in current times

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $10

  • 3 months access to the recording

Life has become extremely intense and the embodiement process itself requires that strong emotions be acknowledged and dealt with. As we become more gentle and sensitive, the emotions of mass consciousness can pose a different kind of challenges. The weather itself can not be ignored. Life is certainly not boring and we can utilise the energies and absolutely thrive in these amazing times.

Soul Intimacy

Develop Intimacy With Your Soul Self

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $10

  • 3 months access to the recording

Being intimate and open with your own Soul is one of the most precious experiences as a human. The freedom from having to hide parts of Self from your own Self is so pure, so fresh and so satisfying. How do we get there, how do we allow the intimacy between Human and Soul Selves to develop and to deepen? How do we allow the Soul to have access to all parts of the Human so that all can feel the unconditional acceptance and self-love

Knocking On Heavens' Door

Sacredness of every day life

  • 1 hour video recording

  • Cost $10

  • 3 months access to the recording

Many may know and remember the song with this title. In the times past, we believed that the doors to heaven were so far away. And often the experience was about trying and trying, knocking and knocking ...but never quite reaching heaven. The idea of experiencing heaven on Earth was far fetched, an unreachable dream. But now it is here, it can become a reality. The experience is available to be brought into our daily life. Physical and real, and yet so delicate and exquisite, full of depths and feelings that were never felt before.
So what are the attributes:
. Connected with your own Soul Self
. Always having the best possible advice and support coming from own Self
. Letting go of unhealthy dependencies on other people and external     circumstances
. Co-creating healthy and satisfying relationships
. Always changing, always growing and expanding
. Perceiving the beauty of life
. Connection with life and feeling part of everything
Each one of us is equipped with everything that is required to make this real. It is our own life, our issues, our very stories that makes up the raw materials that are transformed into sacredness. Into something that feels and is sacred and at the same time practical and physical.

Image by Elizeu Dias

"I just completed three months journey and I was so worried before but now I am looking forward to go deeper. It is difficult to describe the experience in words. Alexis was very professional, intuitive and knowledgeable. I enjoyed working with her even though the work was very intensive.

I felt safe and cared for while working with transforming old habits."

"Thank you for the support, the feelings of empowerment and love. The insights have helped me to make real changes in my life."

"Through the sessions I have gained clarity in so many aspects of myself and released some very limiting patterns. You have an innate ability to connect with my soul and you gave me the guidance to help me do the same. Each time left me feeling grounded, clear, and peaceful about the changes I needed to implement. Everything around me was vivid, clearer and more alive."

"Thank you for been so warm and supportive. Your gentle, grounded support has provided me with peace of mind, clarity and a new perspectives on my issues. You helped me through a challenging time in my life. I was left with a feelings of well being and love."

"Thank you for such a profound experience. I came at a turning point in my life where I needed to make a change but had no idea how I was going to do it. Session with you helped me with clarity, released the anxiety and the fear which used to block me from taking new steps. Speaking to you felt like I was talking to my soul. I have no words for some things that I experienced during the session. I feel I have tools now and I am so much lighter and grounded."

"You have such a beautiful, gentle and powerful way of getting to the point, the limitations, fears and issues that I haven't been able to look at before. You make it seem so easy and then it is easy for me to face them on my own too. Thank you Alexis and Mikael for helping me find my courage to see and release my own blockages. To create new ways of being."

"Hello Alexis, Michael, Michaela and all the other beings that gathered around table for The Intensities Master course. I was not able to attend the course live, so many distractions I create around! So I did listen the recording for so many times and every time understanding and picking up a new perspective or feeling. The place I visit now is with a lot of old energy, manipulation goes and goes through sexual energy. I feel how the old is pulling me back and parts of me that are coming home or waiting at the door, parts that are not mine and I let them go, fears that make me small and squeeze me out of energy and the I am part that comes with awareness and relaxation and trust It is not an easy way to come to the New Earth for me, it goes with lots of in and out, and I feel that is happening more and more, it depends of me being aware of myself and everything else around and how can I step out of the story I am in. Relaxation helps me come into my body, feel it and expand and in this way I discovered I come out of fear and can enjoy life. I can do this more easier when I am alone and I will be alone for the next 2 weeks! Many thanks for sharing this wisdom with me and others!"