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Musings Of A Multi-D Being

Half of last year I was in a deep inner exploration cave and I haven’t been very active at all. Many things have come up for me including the ponderings whether to continue a role of support to and assisting others on the transformation journey of the Self. When things come up for me I just stay with them. Some things ask for staying with them for a single walk, a roadtrip...And other times it is for months. The ‘thing’ always flows and morphs and changes and evolves. There are many perspectives and points of view within it. It is part of being a complex multidimensional being and also being simplicity itself.

Most of the time, there is no need to make any final decisions with most things straight away and it is ok to swim in the flavors of a particular question, pondering, choice. It is quite delicious to taste all of the different colors and sounds of it. To experience focusing on different parts of it and also on the whole.

These are some of the different stages of inner nuances, of the particular unfoldment. There is a stage when the focus becomes very defined, it is like all else goes out of ‘focus’ and the world of experience becomes ‘small’. Almost tunnel visioned. For example, when I felt the ‘truth’ was that I only needed to speak on behalf of one of me.

Then for me came a time when I realized that I am multidimensional and the focus shifted and expanded to include the multifaceted me and others Entities too. I find that this kind of refocusing happens in many inner unfoldments.

And so my pondering about continuing the work of supporting others, has been answered only in these last two weeks. Yes I do. With a renewed vision and joy. Updated for the current times. These kinds of decisions always have to come from the heart, from my own joy. They have to feel real and honest in the depths of me, otherwise I can not sustain them any more.

I also noticed that being part of this journey with others, we support each other. While one ‘teacher’ (for the lack of better word) may be in their inner journey, on their rest period...others pick up the torch and carry the support during that time. Like passing the baton in the Olympic games run. We are a team even though it feels as if we are working on our own. I like this perspective.

Many people are currently facing the question whether they want to leave the Earth plane or continue to stay.

Part of being aware of oneself as such a multifaceted being has to do with becoming superbly discerning and honing in ones own inner perception. Only you can know yourself at such an intimate level that you can know whether it is only an old part of you, an old identity that is wanting to die. That is dying, and rightly so… Or whether it is the Oversoul that is calling you, its Human facet, back to itself out of the physical realms.

You can also be feeling the fear of mass consciousness etc. There are so many nuances and parts to this and so I would invite each one to be with all of it and allow the clarity with regards to whatever is going on inside of you. There are no quick decisions that need to be made.

People also ask why I still channel for other entities like Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and St Germain. They also wonder why I sometimes speak as my Soul self, my Master self that I call Michael. And why I don’t just always speak as ‘myself’, as Human Self Alex. Alexis.

It is precisely to demonstrate the complexity of being a multidimensional being, to express the different stages of the journey, the different focuses that happen. The different identifications to the parts within that particular journey and all others. The inner experiences and journeys are always open ended. There is a vastness to each one of us, a vastness that at this stage, no matter how Masterly one feels and how much one owns ... there is a vastness that is yet to be explored. And we have an eternity for this exploration.

Let that sink in if you will.

And so, there was a time where I owned my Master Self and focused only on that. It felt like a goal was reached, it felt like that was it. The end. I did it. It felt like I knew it all. It was a great time of joy and a fabulous feeling of exhilarated freedom and mastery. It was completely appropriate.

But that’s just the thing … another moment comes after that. Another moment which carries different focuses in it, an openness to something ‘bigger’ again, openness again to more of Self. To new spaces of Self. To new discoveries, new journeys, arcs and inner evolutions.

And so, I give myself to it, to my Self. Not trying to control or pretend to know everything, or to make finalized statements. Do I feel an incredible Master of my life? Absolutely I do, as never before in this life of mine. With great joy and fanfare. I own it, some days more and some days less.

I demonstrate these different realities by continuing to work with Ascended Masters. And by continuing to speak as Alex and as Michael and as other parts of me.

Finalized statements or states of being do not accurately reflect all of who I be. I be a dynamic being, a dynamic Entity that keeps expanding and experiencing. That exists in unfathomable spaces and is all those spaces at the same time. This is the thrill of being. The excitement of discovery. An adventure.

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