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Your Christed Self
Presented by Mary Magdalene & Yeshua
05 Sep 2021, 7:00 PM, Brisbane /Australia time zone

  • 3 Months Journey

  • Cost US $444

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  • Access to the recorded sessions for 3 months after the course completion

Three months journey with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua in allowing your Christ Self to gently flow into your conscious awareness. 


The seeds of this sacred journey have been planted long ago and they have waited deep within our psyche to germinate and come to fruition. Each one us has carried the seed in wait for the time when it could become conscious and a part of physical reality.  Now is that time. The time for these precious seeds to grow, thrive, blossom and bear fruit.


It has taken a lot of commitment, dedication and courage to carry the seeds of the Christ Consciousness throughout the ages when the energies were too rough and the world was not ready. You were not ready to integrate your wholeness, the masculine and feminine into your own oneness. Your own Christ Consciousness. Each one of us has put in place many barriers and shields to protect the depths of self. The shields have become so effective, unconscious, automatic and part of 'normality' that it can be a challenge to open up and become conscious of your Christ Self.


We will be exploring and allowing your Christ Self to flow into your conscious awareness. There are many benefits that come with this process, such as repairing the DNA, upgrading the body, awakening to the inner senses and perceptors that are part of the 'real you' and that enable you to perceive yourself as multidimensional. For you are naturally multidimensional and the singular linear reality was a game of illusion. Illusion that seems so real and so seductive, that it entraps people on endless cycles of reincarnation.

A huge part of this journey involves letting go of the self imposed constraints and limits that have made it impossible to believe that consciousness creates and forms the physical realities. We will explore places where your own current conscious perceptions of self seem to end, the inner spaces that make your perception of reality constricted, limited and distorted. It is in these inner places that the barriers and walls exist. This is where we need to break down and melt the barriers that will allow your expansion into Christ Self.

Christ Self is not bound by the dimensional limits of the linear time and space and you gain access to the wisdom and knowledge of your own grander being.

Allowing the Christ self to emerge into your awareness and your every day life is the most sacred journey there is. As we transcend the old programming, the survival mode dissolves and you take on the complete responsibility as intentional creator that you are.

Each one of us is equipped with everything that is required to make this real. It is our own life, our issues, our very stories that make up the raw materials that are transmuted into sacredness along the way; into something that feels and is sacred, that is practical and physical.

Join us on this journey.

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