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'Pick and Choose' from Culture, Historical Claims and Other Stuff

Much is going on worldwide in this time of March 2022. There are many circular mind traps that are part of it all, but are quite easy to get out when looking at them from a much larger perspective.

There is a 'pick and choose' process that people use. All of us do it in one way or another and it can be very beneficial too.

Often claims are made on rights to land based on events in the history and whole nations can go to war for those ideas. But who decides on which second of history should a claim be based on?

When you take a step back and look at things from bigger context, a whole different perspective can be seen. Even looking at things from current scientific linear point of view, the bigger picture can emerge.

Milky Way is approximately 13 billion years old. Earth is 4.50 billion years old. Life on Earth started 3.5 billion years ago. Humanoids first appeared 6.5 million years ago. Homo sapiens appeared 315.000 thousand years ago. (see picture for visual representation of the last few millions of Earth life).

So what do historical land claims really mean in this context? What does something that happened 500 years ago and lasted 200 years really mean in this context? A tiny second of time in the history of Earth! Is this second of time really worth battling for, dying for, killing for?

I found similar with culture. People pick and choose. Some people then try to force their view of culture on to others. But when you examine their belief, you see that what they often mean by 'culture & history' is what they themselves experienced in their chilhood. They can base their whole view of 'culture' on the period of 20 years of time. Even then you see how they've picked and chosen bits and pieces. You probably won't see them using ancient weapons, they probably use modern phone, they probably have new car, modern tech, modern weapons etc. They pick and choose.

It is similar with religious groups that want to be more purist and preserve a 'second in time'. They seemingly refuse the modern things. And yet, they picked a second of time when carriages were drawn by horses. What happened to the majority of history where the wheel was not even invented. For example.

Culture & time are not static, it never was. History depends on who is looking and interpreting the events. It is a point of view.

There are so many ideas that are quite meaningless in themselves, but are very good at entrapping people and hooking them up to the common cause. Which normally is not the cause that benefits the individual, but it is for somebody else's benefit. Often, even the leaders don't benefit at all in the long run. Each person is effectively harnessed into a group-think and the carousel just keeps going round and round. The circle of suffering & destruction.

Awakening is very rude indeed. All the things that once seemed so solid, so true, so reliable and stable, they fall apart. And rightly so.Because the history of human species is brutal in so many ways. There is no way around this.

There is a lot one has to come to terms with when one awakens. Looking back at my childhood for example, I remember the pictures on the wall of 'hero leaders', many from other countries, that we as children were to respect, to be like, to revere, to honor. And now with hindsight and information, some of those people on the wall were madmen, mass murderers, destroyers of their own folks. Definitely not somebody to look up to.

There are layers and layers of 'authority' that must be let go of, because so much of it is just crazy and barbaric. There is no easy way to say this, to see this, to feel it, or experience it. But it must be walked through to allow clarity, sovereignty, self authority & determination. And mostly, to allow self love and respect, which will wash and cleanse. To allow the forgiveness of the Soul to self heal and make whole again.

And there is no need to fear for the fabulous diversity and uniqueness of cultures. One only needs to watch some dancers from all over the globe, when they expertly utilize their unique historical culture and modern ways. They too pick and choose and dance on with times.

In new freedoms, there is a renewed interest in all the wonderful cultural events, traditional festivals, clothes, culinary delights and all sorts of things. A nation can pick and choose the best parts of their history and culture to cultivate and bring into today's time. This is easily experienced in countries of Eastern Europe. Many have blossomed in opening up in the last decades. The beautiful mix of modern and old.

Stepping off the 'hamster wheel' is nothing to be feared. There is no need to be stuck a historic second of time or trying to preserve a second in the life of whole culture. Movement & flow, change, freedom and uniqueness are a cause for celebration.

(Pic courtesy of Professor Mark Maslin)

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