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Magi Live Here
Dance of Consciousness
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With Alexis & Team
Sun, 8 PM, 17 Mar 2024, Brisbane time

  • 3 Months Journey

  • Cost US $333 (3 part payment plan available, check below)

  • 2 Live episodes each month & correspondence support

  • 20% off the private sessions during the course

  • Free gifts to other classes

  • Recordings of sessions, access for 3 months

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There are many inner gateways and doorways to walk through to your new life. With the changing perspectives,  we have now experienced what it is like to allow the new life to flow through us .Each new space, or realm, asks for adjustments and the play of time and space offer the opportunity to expand and to harvest all the wisdom along the way. Realising all the nuances, the abilities, talents and new codes that apply to the new spaces

Many of us have taken on the mantle of the Magus and we truly are living in realities that are completely different to the life we started with a number of decades ago. Where even in the wildest dreams we may not have imagined just how flexible and fluid reality is and that each of us is a creator withing our sovereign realms.  With great excitement,  we are exploring and playing with the changing nature of time and space, which used to seem so fixed and unchangeable. Or rather, changing our perceptions and how we find ourselves in relation to these.


In the old days, its laws were set in stone, unchangeable, tick tocking away while we were caught inside at their whim. It took a while and many realisations along the way to start perceiving ourselves, glimpse by glimpse at times, as the creator that we really are. It took allowing the presence of our greater self to join the human in the physical realms for the ability to accept and own our creatorship.

Join us in the exploration of the new realities, new relationships with all these elements; time, space, flowing, multidimensionality of who you are. The relationship between your consciousness and your life, your energy. The Soul in the physical world, the you as a creator in your creation.

It is an incredibly exhilarating way to live but also can raise a lot of new topics, issues and subjects that were unknown before. How do we apply all of this to daily life as modern day Magi.

You are at the leading edge of these experiences and new found freedoms. The creator in action.

Join us as we explore this exciting space, the dance of I Am.

Payment Plan

  • Click Subscribe to pay in 3 installments of US $148 per month

  • You can start with first payment up to a week prior to commencement of first class

After purchasing the course (or first installment if on payment plan), you will receive an email confirmation. During the week before the course starts, you will receive Zoom registration email with details and the link for each live broadcast. You will also receive reminder email a week and a day prior for each individual live session. Please check your local time & date with the timezone converter so that you can join the broadcast when it is broadcasting live.

You will receive an email with the link to the video recordings of the course.

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