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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

For the human self, duality was the only thing it knew in this lifetime. The mind has had no memories of 'before', it did not remember the continuation of being from 'the other side'. The game of duality demanded that in any issue, theme, question...that you pick the side And so the sides were picked in anything. There was no possibility of it being any other way. There was a coin, and you had to pick one side of it.

The sides of the coin one takes on, or rather identifies with, at a very young age are deeply ingrained. Because there is no memory of being anything different. These sides are not only passed along the ancestry line, from other lifetimes, from society etc but our experienced also shape and confirm each side of the coin we identity with. That is one of the reasons why people can have difficulties with the jumps as I call them.

For example, if the belief was that you are not worthy and this is what you grew up with, your experiences in life would keep confirming that as this was the side of the coin you took as your own, you identified with. Your mind and your body then have no memories of you being worthy and so they take on the disposition of unworthiness. And so when at first you start allowing the feelings of worth, it can feel very strange, awkward and uncomfortable. It can also take a long time to actually start believing it. That it really can be true. These gaps can be quite a challenge for people to jump over, so to speak.

The whole self help and counselling deals with a lot of these jumps. How to jump from poverty into abundance consciousness, from looser to winner, from broken to healed person. All of this has to do with jumping from one side of the coin to the other.

This of course is an improvement because in the past, jumping from one into the other was at often impossible. We have heard of class systems etc, where one could not change from one into the other.

Then there were huge changes and we heard stories of people stepping from one side of their duality in the other. We celebrated them and still do. For example, many migrants and immigrants who have over the course of their life done that. With a lot of hard work and time. They bridged the gap and stepped into the other side of their inner duality. The belief said that with a lot of hard work, in a new land of opportunity, you can let go of your history, you can break the change of your side of the coin, and can turn your life around. Step into the other side. From poverty into wealth. From feelings of worthlessness into a worthy person. You can see the change in their demeanor, in what they allow themselves to dream of, in how they carry themselves.

Today there is no need to have a life long journey with years and years of back breaking work to step from one side of inner coin into the other. As we all know, certain sides of the coin are much much more comfortable than others. The energy of times has dramatically changed and so we have seen huge changes in the world in the last 30 years. If you haven't already, do update yourself on different countries and the lives people are living. You may be surprised at the dramatic developments as the world is very different than it was decades ago. These changes too are a reflection of consciousness.

Then there is the New Earth. This is a whole next level again. You don't just step from one side of the coin in yourself to the next side. From poverty to wealth. From nobody to somebody. These are all duality, the sides of the same coin. For sure, one side can be much more fun than the other but it is still an old game. The New Earth asks of a person, of you, that you realise both sides within you, that you integrate both the poor and rich side of the coin. The victim and the perpetrator. And this creates a whole new game. It gives you the overview of the coin itself. It gives you neutrality in relation to its side. You realise that the whole coin is you. That neither side is good or bad, but just a game. That you are whole and not just one side. And you can choose which act you want to experience, how you want to perceive yourself. You are not locked in the shackles, the chains of the past.

There are a number of huge inner jumps in this journey. One is to start believing the other side of the particular coin. So if you felt worthless all of your life, your mind has no memory of you being worthy. To allow yourself to experience the reality of feeling worthy for real, is a huge jump. I experienced it in myself, and I experience it with clients I work with. You need to allow the worthiness to become real for you and then it can be you. You experience it, you live it. It becomes a part of your paint palette that you colour your life with. The filter that is available to you though which to experience yourself as.

Another huge jump is to then realise that the dual reality of things is no longer necessary. There is no longer either this or that. It is whole and from wholeness you don't need to create two sides. When you feel worthy, there is no longer the automatic unworthiness of duality. There is only wholeness with many choices. The consciousness of the New Earth does not even know things of lack.

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