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Updated: Dec 30, 2020


There are many perspectives from which to approach this subject and I am writing from the human point of view. In line with the researcher that I used to be, I left no stone unturned when I sough god. There could be layers and layers in this story and I’ve decided to write down some of the insights I had on the way, in case some of it may be of assistance to you, dear reader. All these are my own opinions and I do not claim they are the only truth. Also, I am speaking from the point of view of the culture that I grew up in and intimately know, but the insights can be adjusted to other cultures because the carousels work on same principles anywhere.

There are many spaces on the inside of self, where a person finds themselves stuck on a carousel. It happily does what it was made to do, take you on an endless spin…round and round and round it goes into a forever. Endless circle of the sameness making you believe that this is the only way to be. Until that day when the light of awareness starts imbuing your inner worlds and you become uncomfortably aware of these inner carousel mechanics. And so it beings; you start peeling the many onion layers. Some of the deepest layers are cultural and religious and have to do with god. They are buried deep in the unconscious and from there they silently, but with great control, rule and direct your life choices without you even realising it. That is their whole point. It is the job of the carousel to not let you easily see and realise that there is a much grater reality out there. But you start taking off its contraptions and you step off its turning wheel. One of its major tools to keep you in its grip is the fear of the unknown. Belief in the limitation that its truth is the only truth there is. That there is nothing else out there.

And yet, when the time comes and you become aware of its game you will also find that there are many solutions to what seemed like a closed circle.

Before we talk about god, let’s look at some of the issues of archaeology which will make sense down the track. Imagine if you will, yourself thousand of years in the future, in another great civilisation. You, the future archaeologist, come upon what looks like ruins of a huge settlement. Let’s say this place is called New York in our times. The future you, comes across an ancient wall and there are the remains of a writing. You have learned enough about this particular ancient culture that you know what you are seeing is a writing style called graffiti. The scientists of your time were lucky to find some buried picture books that mentioned this. And so you know that there existed a short time, a few decades, long time ago from your perspective, where in some places of the world, this particular style was popular. The remains on the wall say “60’s Rock”. From your future archaeologist self, you know how huge your gaps in the knowledge of this civilisation are. And so you, and your many archaeologist friends, wonder what this writing could mean. “Did 60 rocks exist in this location in the past? Was it a temple? Did number 60 have some significant religious meaning? Did the New Yorkers have rituals with groups of 60? Did they create rock formations similar to Stonehenge that included 60 rocks? “

So you see, the future archaeologist you, can go on and on with millions of questions about this simple writing that you found. To know what the sign actually means, you would have to find and know so many details of the current culture of New York. You would know that “60’s Rock” is not a religious thing. That it has nothing to do with worshiping or temples. That it is a simple practical every day statement of somebody who likes the period that was the 1960’es. To know this, you would have to know that our current counting started 2020 years ago. You would have to know the writing, both words and numbers. You would have to know the English language. You would have to know that there were few the decades within which a term ‘rock or rocks’ is a slang term for ‘awesome’ in English language. You would also have to know that the short version for a decade is to use only the last two numbers, so 1960 becomes the 60’s. You would also have to know the events and movements that happened in the 1960’s, and what the decade meant to many parts of the world. You would have to know why this person might consider 1960’s as awesome. And so the list of what one must know as background information goes on and on just to understand this simple statement of ‘60’s rock’.

And so, these are some of the issues and considerations of archaeology of today when we look at the ancient civilisations and the remnants they left us. This is also why there are so many ideas, theories, different viewpoints, interpretations and versions within archaeology. And why a new dig, a new find, can completely change the theories on the ancient beliefs. And why some institutions have gone to great lengths to hide many ancient documents and artifacts, and why many things were destroyed in the past to hide the truths. They also depend on the agendas of individual people and / or organisations that may have vested interest in supporting particular versions.

A huge tendency is also to mythologise everything that the ancient civilisations have left us and to make everything into religious symbols and myths rather than to try and understand their different points of view. Or to understand the day to day implications. What if the ancients have not been writing mythology, what if those were real every day events? Your perception and understanding of history completely changes when you read the old texts as if they were real events rather than mythology. We may have to change how we look at what they wrote and drew. To see them with new and clear eyes. What if what we call 'ancient temples’ were just the palaces and dwellings of the Lords and not places of worship for example.

The ancient remnants that still exist on all the continents today, suggest that the people who built them, were aware of each other on different continents. That there was communication and travel between them. Common statements like ‘we thought the world was flat until Galileo’ are misleading if one includes the whole world into the ‘we’. If by ‘we’ you mean Europe in a certain time frame, then yes. But you can not include all civilisations in that ‘we’ because other civilisations and peoples never thought that Earth was flat. That is clear in their depictions of the solar system. These depictions are ancient and from all over the world. Even European civilisations prior to the darkening times didn’t think that Earth was flat. First records for Astrology in India date back to something like 6000 BC, so it was alive and well then. Who knows how long it was practiced by then, for remember, finding a record from a particular time period is just that. The first found record. It does not mean that the actual thing started then. Astrology as you know, is based on at least partial knowledge of the workings of the solar system and not on flat Earth. This is just one example. The ancient architecture is another example, the knowledge that went into building them is astounding and can not be replicated by modern machinery. And so we continue to open our mind to other possibilities.

The ancient civilisations have left us many remnants and writings in cuneiform, some on walls, others in scrolls etc. One of the interesting things that many don’t realise is that there is a break in the knowledge between the ancient civilisations and today's peoples. Modern archaeologists have had to work out how to read the cuneiform anew as the nations that live in those locations, no longer had that knowledge either. This seems to be the pattern all over the world for whatever reason. There are gaps instead of the continuation of the knowledge down the generations. Lets look at pyramids for example, and at how they were built. There are many modern theories but not the real working knowledge.

I have heard it said that currently there are only the Australian Indigenous people who at this stage have not had that thread broken. Their stories and dances of Dreamtime, talk in their own cultural way, of the events that are a direct knowledge and experience from their ancient past. They still understand the stories, the language, the symbolism of their ancestors. Although the current times are doing their best to destroy their living language which would destroy that thread.

There has been an interesting development in the location where I live. The local Indigenous Dreamtime story tells of a cataclysmic weather event 10.000 ago. During this event the shore has moved to where it is now. Apparently it used to be few kilometres deeper out into the ocean. This event created the foundations for the Great Barrier Reef, it grew on the sunken remnants of the coast. Before that, the modern western scientists theorised that the Reef slowly grew from the very bottom of the ocean as the sea waters rose. But in this last decade, the local western scientist have now changed their theory in line with the Dreamtime stories, and confirmed this with their own methods.

So what does all of this have to do with god you might ask. We are getting there.

Now that we have covered some of the difficulties and issues to do with archaeology , you can let go of the tight ideas of truth that were taught to you by mass consciousness. That any particular version is the correct one and that you have to tightly hold on to your version as if your life depended on it. You can relax your mind, you can relax and open yourself to different perspectives. To the realisation that perhaps what you thought about the history and by religion may be quite different to what happened. It doesn’t mean that you have to take on my ideas, you can make your own. All it means is that perspectives make huge difference, they can either be freeing or they can keep you on a carousel. Go ahead, play with this. It can be a lot of fun and not a serious subject at all.

Let's now tackle the incorrect translations. If you pick up the Bible today, you will be reading versions upon versions of translations. Or rather mistranslations, due to very specific self interested agendas of those translating. Of their own or those of their masters. This is not about going into a blame game, but it has to do with clarity and freedom. And truths. And discernment. The mass consciousness teaches you to put aside your own intuition, your own discernment, because it claims it has all the truths already figured out on your behalf. But the blessed discernment is when you look at the mess straight in its eye, which also means that you often times experience shocks at what you find. The shock at just how much you have been deceived by power and at what your culture is based on. When you look at just how much the truths were twisted on behalf of agendas of power and control. I experienced many intense emotions of all sorts as I was working my way through all of this over the years. It no longer needs to take that long, and that is the good news.

Christianity. It means so much to so many people and the wonderful feelings in the churches can be palpable because of the energies that people bring there. This article is not about putting down the wonderful experiences that people have within this religion. Or any other religion. It also does not mean one has to let go of beautiful traditions, rituals and churches or anything like that. This article has to do with the deeply embedded beliefs that god is on the outside. Separated from you. The wonderful feelings and experiences have more to do with the nature of who people are rather than the religion itself.

Christianity is largely based on the texts in the Bible. Bible is a collection of a number of ‘ancient books/texts’ which have been translated over and over. The powers in charge of translating have had huge self interested agendas. Did you even know that the old, more original texts, don’t even have the word ‘Satan’ in them for example? It has been added by the translators just for you. Yes you.

The texts that were used to translate the biblical documents come from different periods and cultures that are not as ancient, cultures that were not the originators of those texts, but have themselves inherited the stories. If you would want to know what the ancient civilisations thought, the ones that actually experienced and lived what is written in their texts, then you would want to read their versions. You would want to read the oldest versions that exist today.

The first book of the Bible, Genesis, which explains creation of the world and of the human, was an ancient Sumerian story. It predates Hebrew culture who inherited Adam, Eve and other characters of Genesis from the Sumerians. It was a highly developed civilisation that came up with the creation story as we know it today, with the names of Adam, Eve, Abel, Cain, Enoch, Noah etc. There are many more documents about these characters than is included in the Bible. It was the Sumerians who came up with the name of god; Yhwe, with Elohim who created the word in 7 days. The Elohim who created Adam in their image. Notice the plural as Elohim is a plural term even in the Hebrew version of the texts. The Sumerians were the first to use the term I Am That I Am so far. Until we find even more ancient documents of even older cultures. Who knows...

Some archaeologists are now claiming that there are signs of highly developed cultures even before Sumerians. But for this article I will not go further back than Sumer.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a wonderful example or older versions of Biblical documents. They have been buried for couple of centuries and preserve the diversity of the ancient religious thought, of those who walked the Earth not long after Yeshua. Dead Sea Scrolls include the teachings of many students of Yeshua including Mary Magdalene, who was a teacher in her own right.

Interlinear/parallel word for word Hebrew Bible translation tool for anybody interested:

And so why is it important to go back to the most original version of texts rather than subsequent translations. Because somewhere from the time of the ancients to now, god was created. God as we understand this term today. The old texts do not have the word for god in a sense that we consider it today. We have mythologized their every day writings and experiences.

The ancients spoke of beings, of lords (now we call these god) who walked among them. They were beings that had messengers and places of residence. The beings that could fly in heavens, and who took the ‘chosen individuals’, taught them their law and then brought those back to live among the common people so that they could teach them about the law as well. At times they took the chosen ones for good. Those were not near-death experiences where a person died, went to heaven, met god and then by miracle came back (as we are led to believe today).

The ancient peoples talk of these as everyday happenings. Like reading their news. They used many different words for these Lords, many different words that now are simply translated to us as ‘god’. When you read ‘god’ in the Bible, it could be translated from words like Elohim, Yhwh, Adonai, Lord, El etc. It was Elohim (plural) that created Adam (translates as Earthling). It was an individual Elohim, who was named Yhwh, who walked in the garden of Eden and spoke with Adam. It would be like saying that the French (for example) created the world and an individual French person called Yhwh walked the garden of Eden and spoke to Adam. There was an individual Elohim, named Adonai, who spoke with Noah and gave him the plans for his famous ship/ark. They were the lords and there were many of them. Elohim translates as ‘those who from heavens / sky came’.

And here we are at the bizarre. The ancient human history is much more bizarre than we are led to believe. Or much more awesome, depending on who you speak with. Ancient texts and numerous archaeological findings say so. The pyramids and other ancient structures don’t care about peoples opinions, they just stand there. Century after century. Make of them what you will, but they stand there a testament for the awesome bizarre history.

The Elohim were beings that were very advanced. And then there were Earthlings. Us. That is what ‘Adam’ translates too. Adam is a name which at times is used as a general name for human species (Earthlings), but there was also an individual that was named Adam. The Lords gave the Earthlings (us) the wheat, domestic animals, the plow and many such things that started our technological journey. But the Lords/the Elohim guarded their very advanced technology very carefully and did not leave any knowledge for us except for the results of that knowledge; the amazing buildings and ruins that can not be explained away with a chisel and axe.

Some people refer to these Lords as ancient aliens but I won’t go there. I lean towards there being a much more developed human civilization and then there was us. What happened to the knowledge they had, who knows... Looking at the material that they have left us, and putting on the neutral objective eyes, we can only read and see what is there. The older/ original texts (without the added complications of translations with specific religious agendas) write about the attributes of Lords and what they were up to. It is easy to see the struggle of Earthlings trying to explain the advanced technology with their own non-technological language and understanding. And so the Lords were Lords cos they could be. In the Epic of Gilgamesh (written 2100 BC) there is even a description of what can be a robot guarding one of the Lords' palaces. ‘Humbaba the Guardian' is described as a fierce, one-eyed fire breathing creature whose eye and breath could strike men dead. How else would one not familiar with technology describe an advanced weapon?

The Earthlings, who wrote the documents, only had a limited vocabulary for the advanced technology. They drew Lords with wings not because there were Lords who grew wings like birds, but to explain the idea that the Lords could fly. All plane passengers of today would be drawn with wings by the ancient folks.

In a similar way, what was much later translated as ‘god’ can simply be understood as terms for these real physical Lords. Imagine Australia 200 years ago...the English could have been referred to as the English, ‘those who with the boat came’, Lords, Europeans, John, Master, Penny, Jane, new arrivals, boat people...etc etc. And then imagine the endless confusion with translating all of these terms simply into one word ‘god’ would create. God, whose only advantages were technology, cultural choices and nothing else. The bloodthirstiness, the battles, the hunger for power, the human issues and all the rest was still very much part of them and can be clearly seen even in the translated Bible. The craziness and changeability of the god of the old Testament can easily be explained by the many different characters that we now refer to as ‘god’.

On my journey of consciousness, I stumbled upon these deeply held beliefs about god based on the specific culture I was surrounded with. They were deeply ingrained withing me, they were part of the air I breathed and they were very difficult to even perceive. They were imbued with fear at what might happen if I questioned them. They were asking me to put trust on everything else outside but the kingdom of god within. And ironically, that was the very message of Jesus. Of Yeshua. Kingdom of God is not in things, in institutions or other people. It is not in buildings, or priests or scientists, or any other self appointed 'authorities'. Your Kingdom of God is within you. Each one of us have their own Kingdom of God on the inside. The direct line to the source, to eternity. To your own oneness. Yeshua, a grand Master, was teaching this 2000 years ago.

Even so, the old circus continued on. A controlling religion, that supports authority on the outside, was made of his freeing teachings. A religion that says..."no, you have no right to have a direct connection to the source, you have no right to make your own sense of your intuition, your understanding, your wisdom, you have no right to your own inner world, to your own have to rely on us, you have to ask us for permission, for blessings, for any rights, for explanations, for interpretations"...continued to be the slogan of the religion for the next 2000 years.

And so. I have not found the real god in current religions, not even the the ancient texts. I have not found god in the Bible, nor in the churches or pyramids of the old. They are all very interesting stories for sure.

And here we are. In 2020. Hopefully you can see just how undefined and unclear history really is. The old stories that people uphold and die for. Unfortunately for them, they were just stories. And other people died and die defending different and opposite stories. That is how strong this particular carousel is. But it is set in stone only for as long as you uphold it and play along. When you stop and get off, you see just how fragile the carousel really is. It was you who made it strong.

And why is all this important? Because there is no more time for external distractions with regards to this. You need to find the real God inside of you. These times of change are so important and intense that you can not navigate them with grace and finesse unless you turn to things that are real. That have substance. Turn to the inner resources that you didn’t allow yourself to believe that they were real. But you hoped and wished and secretly dreamed. And the seed that was planted so long ago by Yeshua is alive and well. It never died, it just lay dormant within people for all this time. It is healthy, it wants to grow and bloom and thrive. And bear fruit. Everything is inside of you.

There may be many people that will try to find consolation within religions, but the theories of god will just not do any more for so many. The god on the outside can not help you live well through these times.

It is only the real deal that works in these times. Continue the rituals that you love, like Christmas. Go to buildings that mean a lot to you. It has nothing to do about the particular rituals or buildings.

It has to do with the awareness of who you are. It has to do with reorienting and realizing that God is not in things out there, not in religions, but that the Kingdom of God is within you. Yes you. The you that you see when you look in the mirror.

The Soul, is more real than anything else. When you can feel, hear, understand and perceive yourself as a Soul, then life becomes a grand adventure that it is. The mind becomes open, not having to set defined conclusions, making up laws that are unchangeable and then defending those, pretending to have answers that it is not capable of providing. Life does not have to have a beginning, middle and conclusion like some kind of a movie. It is open and ongoing. Expansive.

I now exist in the Inner Heaven that spills into the outer world. I feel this immense presence everywhere, I experience it and sense it and touch it and feel it. It speaks through me at times, it touches, hears and sees through me. Gentle and yet all encompassing, fine and yet fierce and powerful, never ending spring that is the source, the river that eternally flows, the knowing and compassion beyond anything.

I can not point here or there or to any specific place to show you where this presence is, just like I can not point to anything that does not contain this presence. It permeates everything, is everywhere and nowhere, not needing any definition and yet part of everything that I can name. And it is me. All of me, through me and with me. I am part of it and it is part of me.

A love that permeates my existence and everything in it.

“Consider a donation for energy exchange if the article was helpful to you.“

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