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Philosopher's Stone

A multi-dimensional being has many tools in their tool-box so to speak. You are used to feeling into situations and deciding which one is right for you and so you make a choice based on that. This is a very valid way to interact with your environment and a way to create wonderful experiences.

There is another level that is accessible to you. You can realise that YOU are the Philosophers stone. You are the magical substance that alchemists of the old spent so much time looking for. A substance that would change lead, base materials into gold. Some even thought that the cup of Christ was this magical substance and as you know, this kind of material was never found in the physical world. Because it is not an outer item.

It is an inner process. And when you realise yourself as being that magical substance, the Philosophers stone ... then your whole perspective changes.

You realise that YOU are that magical ingredient in any situation. Then you don't have to find the 'perfect' situation for you. Then you can step into any life situation regardless of how it initially appears. Because it is your presence, your radiance, that will transform that situation into 'gold'. You are the Midas, you have the Midas touch.

This new perspective requires of you that you do radiate the energies of the New Earth within that situation and not fall under the spell of the situation itself. It is imperative that you keep allowing and feeling and being the energies of the New Earth rather than allowing yourself to be pulled into the identification with the old that exists in that particular situation.

And so it is. The New Earth.

This is what you came for.

St Germain ~

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