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Out of the Mass

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

When you take the perspective of being a creator of your own reality, and you survey and look at everything in your own day from that perspective then everything that is not aligned to that view will slowly come to reflect that. Allow the time for this to unravel and allow yourself the space to deal with everything that comes up that is not aligned to that point of view. And now everything has to reflect that straight away, it is a process that takes few years at best. But keep stepping into and claiming that point of view.

One of the subject that will come up is the issue of 'we'. The 'we' that keeps you entangled and imprisoned within the Borg blob of mass consciousness. Where there is a presence of underlying guilt and yet you know exactly what for. You can not pinpoint it, it is present everywhere and yet nowhere. It helps the decision-makers to make decisions without any consequences to themselves because everybody caught in the mass consciousness takes the blame, carries the responsibilities of the decisions they did not make, carry the guilt that lurks, hides but is always present, never clear but always there. Those caught in mass consciousness never make decisions but carry the guilt of the consequences and as long as they are playing within this blob, they add to and support and allow this kid of system. And it can not be changed while caught inside, swimming in this endless swirling prison of mass consciousness. It makes you feel stuffy, hazy, powerless, unable to change anything, passive.

The place of change for each individual always is within themselves. So take yourself out of the mass consciousness blob and feel your own self. Get to know your own guilt, feel where it resides, what it says, which part of the body it lives in. Allow it to speak with you, allow it to start moving. It may be ancestral guilt, it may be from something that happened in this life. It matters not. Allow it to show you its story, but don't get entangled in it. Allow it to move, and clear and go into neutral.

It is in this way that you can affect change because you no longer support the mass consciousness. You no longer reside in a place of being a victim of circumstances. And you no longer add your energy to support the blob of mass consciousness.

Michael ~

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