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Embodied enlightenment is about physicality and not about world of ideas and philosophies. Things often start there, but to really know something, it needs to transform into a real, physical experience.

It is about the intimacy with the world around me, with my creations. Exploring and sensing, touching and smelling. Feeling and listening. The experience of nature, the details. Its continuous change and creativity, with colours, shapes, sounds and life. The intricate interaction of every element. With creatures of its nature being so alive with life.

The experience of my home, the flowers. the scents, essential oils, burning incense. The delightful senses of a dinner that is cooking on the stove, the joy of preparation, the joy of its scents and chemical transformations.

The scent of clean sheets, the washed floors. The scent of lavender.

The decorations. The sensuality of pot plants, the basil, rosemary.

The flow of life and experiences, each delightful and perfect in itself.

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