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There is no easy life for those who do not want to do the inner work in some kind of capacity during these times which demand this kind of awareness from each individual. There are a number of things that have assisted me and helped me to navigate with more clarity and made things easier. All of them asked of me to take more self responsibility in how I relate to things, what sense, what essence I gather in anything that is going on.

One of them is the analogy of the gold digger at the river. When looking at any issue, I don't throw away the whole thing. Like the gold digger, you can take a shovel full of what looks like dirt and put it into a sifter. Sift through the dirt and you will find some nuggets of gold and diamonds in there. Keep the golden nuggets and the diamonds, and let the dirt go.

Another one is the amazing quality of water, the H2O. Molecules of water are always pure. Water itself is always pure. It can end up mixed up with a lot of dirt and impurities, but within all of that, the molecules of water are still H2O. Themselves 100%. All you need to do is let the impurities wash away and you are left with the pure essence. The essence hasn't changed its nature even when mixed with the most dirty of dirt.

Taking yourself out of 'we'. The 'we' did this and the 'we' did that. The 'we' is a space where dirt has a place to hide. The 'we' acts as a great diluter of responsibilities. If 'we' did this and that, and made this and that decision, then the person/s who really made that decision can dilute their responsibility over a whole who had nothing much to do with it except for unconsciously adding their energy to it. When you participate in this 'we', you add your energy to it consciously or unconsciously by allowing yourself to be energetically added to this 'we'. Once you notice this 'we', you will see it everywhere, especially within the mass media and politics. So choose to step out of the 'we' that does not resonate with you, the 'we' that hurts and wounds your heart. Nobody has a power nor the right to add you to the 'we' of their agendas. This kind of 'we' causes you to feel powerless because somebody else makes the decisions within this 'we' until you realise that you have the power and the right to choose to step out of the 'we' that does not resonate with you.

Power is a game and only exists as long as people play this game. Being in the 'power over' or 'overpowered by' is the same energy, the same coin just different sides of it. You play the game as long as you are on the abuser/victim See Saw. Explore within yourself what it feels like to not need any power in this sense at all. Another name for this new space is Self Love.

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