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Goodbye Drama

Authentic life reflects your own desires and it can be manifested even though we are constantly bombarded with messages that would impose other priorities. It is surprising to find that many people don't know themselves nor their own desires. They have never taken the time to find out if the life they are living is truly their own. It often takes a painful event to wake people up to this fact, but it does not have to be this way.

It is important to recognise that keeping overly busy and engaging in drama are strategies that are often used as a barrier to the unresolved inner wounds, battles and tensions. These start coming into the conscious awareness as soon as we take some time off and they may seem too much to handle. So we keep being busy by engaging with and creating drama to try and keep us 'safe' from the perceived dark and negative emotions lurking just beneath our awareness. We all know of situations where a person has finally gone on a well deserved holiday only to have it become a disaster. The situation is usually blamed on the outside circumstances but if you are serious about becoming a conscious creator of your own reality you will be required to take responsibility for all your creations.

Another use for drama is to steal energy from other people, the energy that would naturally be flowing from our own source if we were open, clear and connected. Drama can also give a sense of false importance and the emotions of being needed by other people. We are generally not supported to feel good about ourselves just because we exist.

So in this way, creating drama is a way to stop ourselves from being conscious of what is happening inside. It keeps us off our own center to create false sensations and emotions in place of the connection with our own feelings, intuition, mind and heart, our own self. Drama tends to have a sense of urgency, like the world is going to end if you don't engage. You allow yourself to be pulled into other peoples situations or you pull others to your own drama. We are very creative beings and there is no end to the dramas that are created. Family members, friends, work situations, groups, politics, issues upon issues. Media keeps drawing the willing participants into dramas of other people, who's private lives are none of anybody else's business.

The drama of the situation stirs the emotions and it takes you on a ride and lot of time can pass before you wake up to the situation that you have engaged in a battle that is not yours or that is not important. You did not know you had a choice.

Drama causes stress to your body, emotional upheaval and it uses up the energy that would be better used to resolve personal inner dilemma that is the actual issue.

You may have a person in your life that keeps wanting you to fight their battles and solve their problems while they keep recreating the same situations over and over again. It is their way of stealing your energy and they have no intention of changing. You keep giving in because they may be a close family member or a friend. And after all, this is what family and friends are for, right... Our drama can be at work or we can take on the word politics and events.

And yet it is in the peace, the quietness, simplicity and solitude that we start finding ourselves. These spaces are where we start reconnecting with our own essence, with our soul. We can touch our own source of being, inspiration, creativity and passion.

How are you with yourself when there is no drama around you? Have you ever even experienced this kind of space? Has it made you uncomfortable? Which feelings and emotions have started to surface? Have you noticed what your reaction was to their presence? Have they scared you and have you immediately become busy with creating another drama?

If you are in a place with yourself where you are serious about wanting to make some changes, then one of the first issues you will need to face is the process of disentangling yourself from drama that you are involved with.

It is important to take responsibility for the situation as you would not be pulled into drama unless you agreed to it on some level and it does not even matter who started it. It is not about resolving the drama in a sense of finding the winner or one to blame because this will keep you right in the midst of it. It is about disengaging and stepping out. Let it play out as it will without you being involved. Most of the time it will just die out when you stop adding the fuel.

You can begin to release the drama at anytime and to make it easier, choose the easy ones first. Perhaps it is the world news that entangle and upset you. So stop watching the news for a while. You can use the extra time to spend on your self.

Don't stop there. Take note and observe your life. Start noticing your involvement with issues that are not really yours. Observe times where you engage in battles that stir up your emotions. Notice situations where you are asked to participate in things that you'd rather not be involved with. Notice the buttons that have a tendency to take you on an unconscious ride. When and where do they get pushed, and by whom? Notice them, take a breath, step back and don't engage. This skill will give you the awareness and the ability to disengage from the old patterns before they are set in motion.

Accept the part of yourself that enjoys the drama and make it clear that the participation is no longer in your best interest. It is important to avoid giving ourselves hard time through this process. Don't go into the spaces of beating yourself up if you don't always make it. Instead, create the feelings of support inside and choose again.

You will slowly bring change into your life and you will notice many effects. Your presence will change and you will participate in and experience beauty. The topics of your conversations will be different. People around you will notice the change. Some will be ok with the changes and will adapt to the new you. Others will try to tempt and draw you back into the persona that you were. This is where you will have to be observant and learn to say no. They will find other people to play out the drama. And if you do get pulled back for a while, don't give yourself hard time. Just notice and choose again.

Some people will leave your life and new friends will come. You will have more time and energy to engage in activities that bring joy to your heart. You will find time just for you, to practice the feelings of what you do want to experience. You will start to cherish the feelings of self acceptance and well being. You will realize that drama is actually very boring, a cheap substitute for real feelings, for the stuff of life that really matters.

Shifting our lives in these ways creates enormous amount of change. It may not seem so as we live our lives day by day. But every time you make a choice that aligns your inner self, it creates ripples that have a far reaching effect. Sometimes it is only after a number of years have passed that you can see just how much your life has changed.

Engaging in activities that we love have a way of magically taking us to wonderful places, to meeting fabulous people. The feelings of wonder do not contain themselves to one area of our life. They spill into everything and will demand that we continue to make changes in all areas of life that are not satisfying. But you will have practiced, you will have the skill and the tools, and the desire.

Every person has these choices in their life. It is up to each of us to choose where we direct our attention and energy.

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