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Archangel My Friend

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I have always liked this image of Archangel Michael and found it so poignant. I have no idea who painted it and I thank the unknown author. She, the Archangel Michaela, was in my dreams few weeks ago and this image was a real event. I too was able to go to such a dark loveless place without any fear. Of course, some of us no longer carry a sword and we don't ask Archangel Michael to fight any of our battles either. So the next day I was looking at this pic on the computer and had the idea to erase the sword and paint a flower in her hand instead. It turned out to be a poppy and it seemed to have painted itself. So fitting.

The end of the year is a time of taking stock. I realise that one of the major reasons I incarnated in the first place was to Master this kind of situation, to look at my own darkness, my own wars that used to rage inside of me, my own pain. I used to fear and wanted to destroy parts of myself that were wounded, that were hurt, that were loveless. They looked like monsters who wanted to destroy me. I used to suppress them, ignore them, run away from them, keep busy to not notice them. I used to ask Angels to fight them for me, to destroy them on my behalf.

Then of course the awakening happened. I read about enlightenment and ascension but they did not mean anything to me. All I really wanted was to heal the pain inside, the overwhelming pain inside that used to overwhelm and want to drown me. I have found a way of course to heal the wounds, self love of course. Allowing my Eternal Self, consciousness to blend with me, to walk with me, to be me. I have buried all my inner weapons, melted the armour and allowed the acceptance and the self love to work its magic inside of me. There are no more wars inside of me. And of course, with the peace inside there is no need to war with others in the outside world.

It has been a fierce journey, relentless one. It has required all my courage, and more than I ever though I had. To stop, to look at myself, to listen to myself, to hear and feel the wounded parts. The broken heart. The wretched loveless parts, parts that never knew acceptance, the bits and pieces that were existing in the deepest darkest loveless dungeons. And I walked through those places and I felt those parts and I welcomed them home. The integration at times almost broke my body, the energies so intense, so full on causing my body to shake uncontrollably at times. To feel so broken. The sleepless nights of integration and release that seemed to never end. Just how many loveless parts can one have, I used to wonder.

At the same time, it has been the most exciting, the most exhilarating time. A most gentle, delicate, orgasmic time. Of being so open, so naked, so vulnerable. And the ecstasy of those feelings, and the exhilaration of being able to allow love, the real naked love, the one with open eyes. The one that sees all and still loves, loves unconditionally. That finds the broken parts so beautiful and it sings about them up to the heavens. I am truly privileged to have experienced all this. And to keep experiencing all this. The ecstasy of feeling good about myself, the ecstasy of feeling loved and accepted by my own self. And the freedom that comes with that. There is nothing like it and it is priceless.

And back to Archangel Michaela. Of course Archangels do not have a gender, and he, Archangel Michael as most people know her, is very happy with his red poppy. The sword was really a pain in the butt she says. And he never really fought any monsters he says, he is a mediator. She visits the dark places to find openings, openings to love. To find those that are ready, ready to give up the loveless places, the warring places, the places of darkness.

And he, the Archangel, definitely loves to hang out in the fields of flowers, lying in the grass watching the clouds pass by. The joy of tasting the sweet scents of summer in the field, listening to the bees collecting nectar... He says he wishes more people would invite her to play, to enjoy just being. And as do I, enjoy the just being. Enjoy things like watching the clouds lazily float by, as we tell each other jokes and giggle. The Archangel and I. And we also talk about being fearless and what an amazing place that is to be. And what an amazing journey it has been to get to this place. The fearless place. To be fearless. To live fearless. To make fearless choices rather than the choices guided by fear.

So this is my wish for everyone for the year 2018 and beyond. Let it be a year of fearless choices, choices made on behalf of self love. And dare to play and fly with Angels, they are so much fun. (Both pictures from the unknown author, thank you in gratitude)

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