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Alexis Srsa
Living The New  Earth

Portal of self-discovery, transformation and integration. Living as a Divine Human; a Human who has discovered that they too are Soul. 

Coming Up

The Inner Flow

22 June 2024
8 PM, Brisbane time

- 1 Hour Online Live stream
- Max 33 participants in live broadcast
- Recording available after live show
- Cost $25


10 Nov 2024
8 PM, Brisbane time

- With Mary Magdalene & Yeshua
- 3 Months Journey over Christmas Season
- 2 Live classes per month & correspondence support
- Discounts for other classes
- Cost $333 (3 part payment plan available)
- Recordings of all episodes

Soul Vibes

29 June 2024
8 PM, Brisbane time

- Exploration of the relationship with Soul
- Current energies
- 1 Hour Live Broadcast
- Monthly
- Cost $11

Jewels Of Wisdom

2 July 2024
8 PM, Brisbane time

- Monthly call in via Zoom
- Online get-together
- Share friendships & wisdom
- Join with video or audio only
- Recording available for attendees

We dance as the essence of Soul in the tangible reality of Human experience. Your journey might have started with the gentle whispering from within, urging you to look beyond the seen, to explore the hidden realms of Self. Or you may have experienced turmoil and come to the end of the line, which helped you to open up to the presence of your Divinity.
Here, we honor this connection and provide practical pathways to navigate the often tumultuous voyage of awakening and to living with your Soul and as embodied Soul.

The offerings on this platform, from 'Living In The Flow' live streams, Soul Vibes, to the profound Masterclasses, are structured to address the real, raw, immensely satisfying & adventurous, and often also uncomfortable aspects of self-exploration. The Masterclasses are designed as a practical experience of all that you are and can experience, to unravel the complex tapestry of your being. Our on-demand cloud classes, coupled with the option for personal one-on-one sessions, are tailored to provide the support and insight required at various junctures of your journey.
Whether you opt for a private session or decide to delve deeper through a six-month mentorship program, the focus is on real, practical and 'lived' experience and transformation.
Here, you’re not alone. You’re part of a community that acknowledges the grit as much as the grace required on the path of self-realization. Welcome to a space that respects your life and offers practical and effective tools to facilitate your journey towards a deeper communion with your Humanness & Soul. We delve into the heart of the matter, and embrace the wholeness essence of transformation - shadow, light, and everything in between.
As the wholeness of Self. you experience joy, well-being, grace and deep love for life.

Welcome to your gateway of meaningful change.

Monthly programs, guest interviews, video discussion series and much more.


"Thank you so, so much, Alexis, for this amazing session which guided me into my senses and perceptions and enabled me to discern what is coming from within and when the mind is playing around.
It was so magical and insightful to feel the soul in the body, being made aware of how much I am loved.
AND" I perceived my soul again as this shining diamond with millions of facets, but some of them needed a soul cleanser  "THE SOUL VIBES"  to fully shine again. With all my love, Doris"

Sunkissed Days

Published Book

An inspiration, Blessings & Daily Practice
Infusing 30 Days With
Delicious Flavors

Infuse delicious and exquisite flavors of feeling and experiences into your daily life. Designed to inspire the experimentation with inner perceptions allowing the gentle awareness that you can choose and change how you feel about yourself, people and your life. Assisting seamless and natural change in how you respond to each situation in your daily life.
Sunkissed Days:
"May your truth invoke the vast courage to rise within you, the courage that will massage each step of walking with your truth and in your truth.Allow it to give you strength and boldness to walk in your truth. Be your truth, dance with it, breathe it, live it.....May you be your truth now. May you be your truth every day. "

Alexis Srsa Book.jpg

Photo prints are part of my gratitude for your support. Consider donating to support my work and I will send you an autographed print of the photo you choose. You can choose from the pics on page or if you like any other photo I posed on social media, please let me know and I will develop a print for you.     More >>

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