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Glad you are here. Feel free to explore the expanding material on this incredible journey of allowing the Soul into the human life, into your daily life.  The journey of awakening, realization, mastery and living as modern Magi.  Blueprints of New Life.

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Soul Vibes

  • 9 PM, 10 Dec Brisbane time zone

  • Exploration of relating with Soul and as Soul

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Living In The Flow

  • 9 PM, 17 Dec, Brisbane time zone

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Magi Live Here

  • 9 PM, 12 Feb 2023 Brisbane time zone

  • With Alexis & Michael

  • 3 Month Journey

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  • Cost $333


  • 9 PM, 13 Nov, Brisbane time zone

  • With Mary Magdalene & Yeshua


  • 3 Month Journey over Christmas Season

  • 2 Live classes per month & correspondence support

  • Cost $333

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Jewels of Wisdom Gathering and Soul Vibes

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Infuse delicious and exquisite flavors of feeling and experiences into your daily life. Designed to inspire the experimentation with inner perceptions allowing the gentle awareness that you can choose and change how you feel and respond to each situation in your daily life.
These abilities are natural but must be consciously practiced for them to have an effect. You are invited to immerse yourself into different inner flavors of feeling by invoking openness, curiosity and the passion to experience many tastes that life has to offer.
Any blockages can be released gently with the allowance of the flow of grace, acceptance, discovery and self love.
Experience how the resonances easily and playfully change with different choices, as you consciously flavor the day with exquisite, heavenly and delightful new tastes.
This compilation of 30 individually themed messages and channels were created during and for each day of November 2021. The wish is that you continue to imbue magnificent flavors into your experience after the 30 days and thus continue to drastically transform your life.
Excerpt from Sunkissed Days:
"May your truth invoke the vast courage to rise within you, the courage that will massage each step of walking with your truth and in your truth.
Allow it to give you strength and boldness to walk in your truth. Be your truth, dance with it, breathe it, live it.
May its candor keep gifting you with trust so you can open evermore, sing and dance the eternal dance of self.
Know the ecstasy that comes with being in your truth. With radiating your truth.
Let it awaken and flame the incredible zest for life that has been buried deep under the layers of muddiness.
Revel in the passion and fire of your truth. Not other peoples truth. But your truth.
Get to know it, intimately and deeply.
May your truth guide you.
May it show you how easy it is to make decisions and choices when you allow its tender presence to embrace you.
Tender and at the same time invincible. Vast and expansive.
May you be your truth now. May you be your truth every day. "

So ... What's up with the world?

The increasing presence of consciousness in our physical reality is encouraging, supporting and allowing a very personal inner revolution within people. Humanity has played the game called Separation with all its nuances and sub-games. Separation game can also be called Unconsciousness, where a being is only conscious and aware of a small part of themselves, while majority of who they are is deep in the underworld of unconsciousness and unawareness. This is beautifully represented by the images of an iceberg where only a small tip is above the surface of the great 'unconscious' ocean.

And yet this very Ocean and its depths is profoundly conscious and aware. So utterly alive and conscious in realities that are as yet incomprehensible to the human self but available to dive into, to allow and explore. This great Ocean is called by many names: the Soul, the Eternal Self, the Higher Self, God... It is hiding in plain sight everywhere you look. The dazzling displays of Sacred Geometry in nature and all creation, the amazing creatures and beings that surround us and we call Animals. The marvelous creature that is a Human being who has the creativity to come up with separation game in the first place. It is a great genius and ingenuity to be able to uphold the separation in a reality where everything breathes and sings the Divine. All this to say that consciousness is natural and inherent.


Each Human being is a Souled being, a creator of their own reality, even if majority of people are thus far unaware of this fact but instead choose to play the victim / perpetrator game...   More >>

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What would you like to say today, I asked my Eternal Self, my Soul.
We would speak of beauty and glorious things, we would speak of moments surrendered to life. 

Where time has ceased its grip.

The play of scents so strong, so enticing, so mesmerizing.

The skin alive to the touch of the wind responding with pulses of pure enjoyment.
The thought of tomorrow not intruding.

Nor the past stretching its fingers to insert the stories repeated a thousand and one times.

The sounds of this moment.

So pure. Eternal.

So loud. And whispering. All at once.

Every touch of the Earth on the soles of feet sending impulses of joy with every step.

With every fibre of our being.
This is our song of today.

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