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So ... What's up with the world?

The increasing presence of consciousness in our physical reality is encouraging, supporting and allowing a very personal inner revolution within people. Humanity has played the game called Separation with all its nuances and sub-games. Separation game can also be called Unconsciousness, where a being is only conscious and aware of a small part of themselves, while majority of who they are is deep in the underworld of unconsciousness and unawareness. This is beautifully represented by the images of an iceberg where only a small tip is above the surface of the great 'unconscious' ocean.

And yet this very Ocean and its depths is profoundly conscious and aware. So utterly alive and conscious in realities that are as yet incomprehensible to the human self but available to dive into, to allow and explore. This great Ocean is called by many names: the Soul, the Eternal Self, the Higher Self, God... It is hiding in plain sight everywhere you look. The dazzling displays of Sacred Geometry in nature and all creation, the amazing creatures and beings that surround us and we call Animals. The marvelous creature that is a Human being who has the creativity to come up with separation game in the first place. It is a great genius and ingenuity to be able to uphold the separation in a reality where everything breathes and sings the Divine. All this to say that consciousness is natural and inherent.


Each Human being is a Souled being, a creator of their own reality, even if majority of people are thus far unaware of this fact but instead choose to play the victim / perpetrator game.


The collective experiment of separation has come to an end. Each person is presented over and over again with real choices of awareness of their own Soul Self. Some do and will continue to choose the existence of various degrees of separation. But the separation game is no longer supported and even though in the past that reality may have been comfortable, it is no longer so. Its principles no longer work and for those still wanting to play within it, that word seems to be crumbling and ending. And they are correct.

It would be easy to withdraw into fear when faced with the rapidly changing realities that no longer support the old way of living. Things that used to work no longer offer any security and this is as it should be. It is a perfect environment that can catapult the individual to this most sacred of journeys ... into the embrace of their own Soul Self.

More and more people are choosing and experiencing various stages of awakening that allows them the ability to perceive vaster realities of life, of themselves. It starts with questioning and reorienting the very basis of their own lives, their core paradigms, values and belief systems. Each different choice sheds light on different potentials and the individual is presented with steps out of the old patterns at each stage. Perfectly. A human being is fully supported on this journey.


The awakening and later the journey of realisation include complete redefinition of priorities, letting go of the old, inner reorientation, writing new scripts that include presence of consciousness and heart within daily life. The shallow external wrappings get replaced with integrity and essence. Everything comes up for reassessment including the relationship with self, other people, community and the environment. They become aware that the darkness they thought was on the outside, actually exists within themselves. Everything is within themselves. This darkness, the inner Shadow, is gradually integrated and so the darkness is no longer projected outside on to the other. The aspects integrate as the inner reality becomes that of self love, respect and honour. Inner woundedness heals. The light and dark integrate and become wholeness.  Inner reality transforms into a safe space, joyful space that overflows and radiates the self love into everything, into the physical world. The physical body undergoes huge changes to accommodate the presence of consciousness and is fully capable of doing so.

This journey is The most incredible experience. It is not a nice journey but a very real and visceral one. It takes you to every part that you hid and tried to cut off from your own awareness. It takes you to every guilt and shame that you ever created. For they too want to integrate into consciousness. It demands 100% from you, of you. The most brilliant, the most dirty and everything in between.

To become conscious of the vastness of your own Self, of your own eternal nature ... is the most orgasmic experience one can have. It is not a once in a life time experience, you fall in love with this dance, with yourself over and over again.

And so the time is ripe for you also, the reader. Choose this experience and get ready for the ride of you life.

The Earth herself is going through drastic changes to accommodate this increasing presence of consciousness which does not include victim-hood, oppression or fear. The new way is the path of inner awareness, self love, integration of the shadow self, inner fluidity and a willingness to change.  Each person taking responsibility for what they are creating in their own life rather than blaming and experiencing themselves as a victim of outer circumstances and the perpetrator of the very same circumstances - the abuser.  Different sides of the same coin, same energy. Self responsibility creates a reality of individual freedom and sovereignty. Tangible and real within the every day life


Personal creations of life draw from the well of infinite inner resources, the Soul Self, rather than the energy stealing from the outside, which has created the patterns of victim/abuser in all its different manifestations. No longer drawing the energy horizontally from all other life, in the form or seeking approval, validation, love, sustenance etc...but instead dipping into the endless depths of you that continually nourish and cherish you. The sustenance now flows vertically and self sufficiently.

​The reality of inner experiences create the outer reality which is a reflection of the inner worlds. They beautifully and accurately reflect the new realities right back at an individual regardless of what other people are choosing for themselves. The inner joy overflows and bubbles outward to touch and impact others with lighting up so that they too can perceive new options for themselves. New potentials that would otherwise stay unconscious.

​The realized individual is intensely present with and in their body, living sensuality within the multidimensional worlds that they are. This is the creation and the experience of physical reality at its best. A living Master. Living the New Earth. Integrated and whole. With no definitions except for the joyful self expressions that are chosen each moment.

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