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Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Finding new ways to live and thrive is one of big parts of the journey of embodiement experience that we are on. There have been huge changes in the last few decades in order to support free and sovereign embodied beings. But one must own this and to live it requires a complete transformation of the Human on all levels.

The matrix itself has many opportunities that seem to give freedom. Having loads of money is desired because it seems to give more autonomy and yet we have seen too many people, who 'have it all', fall by the wayside steeped into lives of self destructing behaviors.

While lots of money in the matrix sure has cool sidekicks, you are still trapped within the mass consciousness. I noticed long time ago that the energies were the same regardless of how much physical money one has; one can experience themselves in chronic lack even if they have certain amount that means huge wealth to another person. It has to do with perspectives.

Survival instinct runs deep within the human psyche, and mass consciousness is an expert at manipulating this instinct, it is a pro at keeping people enslaved, spending their precious life doing things they don't want because 'that's just what life is'.

Allowing the Presence, the Soul, to start the process of permeating all parts of Human and its daily life, of course creates continual change to accommodate Souls' limitless nature and state of being. It does not fit itself into limited parameters of mass consciousness, it instead transforms the limited life in all its layers and meanings.

Of course this includes facing the issues of survival fear and walking through that inner doorway into the spaces beyond lack and beyond survival. Those new spaces can not be perceived without the presence of the Soul as it brings with it all the capabilities of beyond. And for the Human, life takes on a whole new meaning when one is faced with and starts owning the eternal parts of Self.

And so to stay embodied, one must find ways to live in this word while not being of it at the same time. Part of creating and allowing the flows of abundance that support the limitless state of being is very practical. Being physical means creating physical channels though which this support manifests.

It is a great joy of Soul to partake in all aspects of the Human life. To experience it all and to be present with all. Nothing is mundane any more, everything becomes sacred and divine, imbued with meaning.

Soul wants to experience the incredible transformation from a limited Human to a sovereign Self. There is much in that journey that is quite uncomfortable for the Human part because it means facing ones own fears, traumas, beliefs in lack, blockages, constricted channels of flow between the Soul and Human. Ancestral issues, cultural beliefs, self worth issues and so much more.

Throughout this journey I kept on having to choose Soul, to choose self love and to choose the Presence to keep changing me, to keep cleansing me, to keep healing me, to keep expanding me.

As mentioned before, Soul does not fit itself into limitations but it transforms them. Within its Humanness, it starts transforming the daily life into one of joy, options, potentials, flow of support, fearless state of being, curiosity, excitement about life, wonder of the mysteries of being...

The presence of the Soul automatically changes all aspects of what it means to be Human. As more of oneself is present in the now moment, the perceptions change, the awareness of what is increases; and all of a sudden you are able to perceive and partake in so many practical opportunities and potentials of what is possible that before you completely missed. You find new ways of doing things, you have the courage to say yes to things never possible before, you meet the right people, you are able to discard the ideas of 'mistakes', you let go of judgements of things. You change and with that you are able to flow with the new.

It is not like trying to fit this new you into the energetics of 20, 30 years ago. The nature of wholeness of being changes, multiplies and increases depth of all aspects of life. Everything keeps changing as you change.

And so the integrated Human is a completely different 'Human being' even though on the outside you may look the same. What is possible for the integrated Human is on whole different levels that an unconscious Human can not even perceive or dream of. Because the whole Human being is touching eternity, limitlessness and timelessness while being in the physical world of matter.

Being a creator of ones life means that how you radiate and what you identify as creates your experience. Even though the Human, while in limited state of being, would like an easy and quick way out, eg win lotto or something like this...this would not change the state of consciousness in the long run at all. The journey is really not about quick ways out. It is about realizing oneself and that means taking ownership and responsibility for all of ones creations and taking on the Soul abilities; learning how to transform and change, and how to recognize and see the myriad of potentials and then effectively choose them and then allow what was chosen to change reality landscape from inside out. This is the 'training'.

Now that I've set the groundwork and context we go to the practical things. My background has to do with huge limitations, lack and woundedness. In that space, I used to see the job as my ticket out of poverty, limitations, co-dependent toxic relationships and so much more. And so I enthusiastically participated in the workforce for a number of decades until my last decade of realization.

My jobs were varied, being an employee in a number of different roles, settings, systems and countries. From low paying, to successful private, to NGO, to government. I harvested great amount of wisdom from the variety of aspects of being an employee. I clung to jobs as I felt that not having one would surely bring incredible suffering, disaster, ruin and who knows what else.

As the Soul truly knocked on my door I started to admit to myself and see the lack of freedom that I had as employee regardless of what improvements and promotions I would get.

I started my first journey into going part time and dealing with much less resources. This in turn brought huge anxiety and panic attacks that I experienced for few incredibly intense and uncomfortable months. I kept on choosing gratitude even if I could not really feel it at times, sometimes minute by minute. Until one night, another one of those sleepless nightmarish nights, I breathed through that wall of fear. I was surprised at how thin the wall of fear really was. The fear makes huge big deal about nothing much at all. The world didn't end as I walked though that inner doorway though survival fear, I still existed and no drama bestowed me. Quite the opposite. It was an intimate experience of so much joy and relief.

Then I was able to start seeing new things, new resources, new opportunities, things that I could do. Pathways that I could take. As a full time employee I had no time, now with much more time, I was able to slowly restructure my life in so many rich and satisfying ways. In the years that followed, I did take few more full time jobs for a while, but I also started completely different things. I lost fear of interviews and realized how easy it is to change jobs. How easy it is to ask for more money and better conditions.

I started to perceive and feel myself as an entrepreneur and looked at jobs as part of my entrepreneurship. I was no longer an 'employee' even though for a while I still had jobs.

Becoming fearless completely changes everything. Allowing my Soul to be present in my inner spaces of 'jobs' automatically changed them into more satisfying situations even if I stayed at the same place. It also meant that I faced all my shadow parts that had to do with being an employee, with having a job. I can't say it was always an easy time but it transformed. I had to change it because it had been a huge part of my life and I relied on it for the flow of resources.

And this is the heart of the matter...the resources. There are physical resources that support ones life and then there is the inner space of where one goes inside to feel supported and provided for. This was the space of the real change.

As a Human, I had to learn where to find this space on the inside of me. This realm, where 'human and soul awareness' meet. I had to establish new habits of 'keep going back' to this space to get nurturing, guidance, support, nourishment, abundance, aha moments, insight and so much more. I had to make it part of my every day life.

I had to rearrange my inner space so that instead of listening to fear, to the ideas of the mind, to the mass consciousness; I instead practiced being in communion with my Soul. At that time it still felt as if my Soul and I were separate beings.

Today in my daily life, I no longer differentiate the spaces of Human and Soul, I just Am. And yet the feeling of where I go to receive nurturing, support, ideas, inspiration and guidance stays with me. I love that space of I Am. The space of Soul. The never ending flow of goodness, wellness and love. The tap is always there, but it is up to the Humanness as to how open or closed the flow is. Mass consciousness is always trying to re-divert my focus on its agendas, it is always trying to close the tap of self love to a trickle. Or shut it down completely.

And I just keep choosing Soul, keep changing, keep transforming. I keep choosing to identify myself as an entrepreneur, as somebody who benefits from changes, as somebody who can recognize potentials, who can act on them. I keep choosing to be somebody who understands new things, new trends and that can actively create in those realms. As somebody who keeps being in the space of wholeness where inspiration and guidance keep flowing. I keep choosing to be excited by life, to be challenged by it, to be thrilled by it, to love it. And I own all of this.

And so in turn, life faithfully provides me with all that and more.

Life keeps changing in a holistic way, in all ways, in all depths. This is the way of dancing with the Soul. As I'm able to do more, also more opportunities come. It has nothing to do with age, or gender, or color, or nationality or any such thing; unless I would choose to perceive any of these attributes as a limitation.

I instead choose to experience my differences, the uniqueness of me and of my life story as a benefit, as something that keeps opening many doors. My body believes me, it believes what I choose and so it dances with all of this in service to the Soul.

It requires that I keep 'returning back' to that timeless nurturing space of Soul. It requires that I make choices from that space 'with' Soul and as Soul.

Even when mass consciousness keeps throwing incredibly distracting and compelling things at me. Look at this scary thing, it says, look at this fear, let it overtake you and debilitate you, it says. Let it control you, it says. The world is ending it says. Take this fear on, it says. This fear will make you safe, it says. Go back into the tiny hole of fear, it says. You have no choice, it says.

These moments are key, it is in these tiny moments where it really matters where I keep putting my awareness, my presence. It is in these moments that I choose Soul. I choose self love.

And so the practical opportunities keep coming, and I say yes, and then act on what needs to be done. Some of the things I could never even consider doing even few years ago. When we ask for change, this is what we get....change.

I do what needs to be done, feel what needs to be felt, integrate what needs to be integrated and move on. Leaving behind attitudes, patterns and behaviors that no longer serve me even if they once did.

My every day life today looks very different than it used to, it feels very different than it used to. It is creativity itself. There is no separation between 'work and play'.

I notice that people do this kind of journey in different ways. Like learning to swim, some just jump into the deep water and see what happens. There can be a lot of drama and trashing about in that choice. For me, I took an easier and more graceful way; I slowly eased into my new life, harvesting the sweet nectar of wisdom along the way.

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