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Deep Dive
Clearing Energies to the Core
With Cathy Baumann
Channel by St Germain
6 PM, 9 Dec, CST (usa) time zone
1 AM, 10 Dec
, CEST (Central European) time zone

10 AM, 10 Dec , Brisbane time zone

  • 4 Hours (including 2 x 15 min Breaks)

  • Live stream via Zoom

  • Cost $111

  • FREE Gifts - Breathe & Feel or Mastery Call by Cathy + Soul Vibes episode by Alexis

  • A chance to express yourself and Q&A

  • Access to recordings of the event

  • 3 Part payment plan available (below)

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Let us dive deep into spaces of self where you feel stuck, blocked and stagnant, and you just could not allow these energies to quite move. Let us go all the way in, surrounded by the safe space we co-create together, and see the stuck patterns or parts of self for what they are so that they can finally open up to the divine infusion of Self and release.  Practical daily approaches to move forward without the gravity of old sucking you back in for long term change well beyond old struggles.


Part 1

10am - 11.30am - Introductions followed by Channel by St Germain

We start the Deep Dive into the energies of transformation that will clear the patterns to the core. Presentation on how we deal with deep identifications, especially the sticky ones; and how we finally move forward into integration and even NEW for permanent change. We open the dimensional energies in our space very intentionally. Channel by St Germain through Alexis.

15 Min Break

Part 2

11.45am - 12.45pm - Energy Transformation

Energy facilitation with Cathy;  journey with breath & body, accessing deep layers of yourself and your feeling. Clearing the patterns and aspects that you want to release.  Out of the mind and accessing the deeper layers directly yourself.

15 Min Break

Part 3 

1pm - 2pm - Q&A, Discussions

Q&A, discussions & offering everyone a chance to express and share experiences, questions and topics that have come up for you, or where you felt that you  have been stuck. Sharing the experiences of movement and discovery.  Sharing the joy of new spaces of self and the freedom of the Master.

Payment Plan

  • Click Subscribe to pay in 3 installments of US $37 per week

After purchasing the course (or first installment if on payment plan), you will receive an email confirmation & Zoom link for the workshop. Please check your local time & date with the timezone converter so that you can join the broadcast when it is broadcasting live.

You will receive an email with the link to the video recordings of the course.

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