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Divine Love

Divine Love - Isis & Yeshua


Transcribed from the recording of live broadcast with John McCurdy & Romana Ercegovic - 24 Mar 2019


Hello and welcome everybody to this broadcast, Divine Love. And I welcome dear friends John McCurdy and Romana Ercegovic to the show. I was really looking forward to participating in Divine Love because every time a broadcast is announced, I get to experience all the different shades of the topic in the weeks before. Even if I have already experienced many things of love, there are new depths, new subtleties that are just waiting to be explored. And we are Mikael. And we are Mikaela. And we also welcome each and every one of you to this Round Table of equality, of diversity.

And it is our pleasure to demonstrate just how easy and natural this dance is between the Human Self and the Soul, and the Eternal Self.

And now I Alex, step to the foreground again, in this dance that is so exciting, so new in this physical world.

And I invite and welcome Romana and John. Hello.


John & Romana

[John and Romana said hello to Alexis and the viewers, but this part of the recording was lost in the computer crash.]

Alexis & Yeshua

And here I Am. Yeshua ...

***Computer crash*****

Alexis & Yeshua

I'm recording now again. There you are, I can see you. Okay, so here I Am, Yeshua. I think my energy just crashed the computer. It has to do with not being part of this world of technology. Because in my time, when I was physical, of course we did not have technology then. But I would have loved to have this kind of technology because of course I would have done a lot of recordings. I would have done many things differently and another people would not be able to use and change the story, my story. And they would not be able to change my story for their own purposes. I think for those of you that really know me, for those of you that want to interact with me, I am always here and I want you to know that sometimes I come here also as a physical being, I manifest myself for a short amount of time, Just to walk with you. And I haven't forgotten what it is like to be physical. I haven't forgotten what it is like to be different. To be be imbued with self love, to be allowing this divine love, to permeate you, to integrate you, to feed you, to touch you, to embrace you.

I know what that feels like. To be a stranger among the masses, among the masses that have no idea that this is even possible and yet more and more are awakening as you know. And I know that a lot of you are facing so many challenges because it's not only that you are quite different now on the inside because you have allowed so much. And we, your nonphysical friends admire you greatly. We are amazed by what you are doing because nobody has done this before. Not in this way. Not in a physical way, not in allowing so much of your Spirit, so much of your Eternal Self to walk with you. And many of you now also when you allow, you can catch glimpses of us, non-physical friends. And you can hear us and you can communicate with us. And we are also your supports throughout the day. Because as I said before, it is not only that you have changed your inside, but that also means that you cannot participate in the world in the old ways. You cannot participate in the old structures. And yet so many of the new structures that would support you, are not yet here. They have not manifested yet. And what I mean by this is how to participate in society, how to allow abundance to flow through you, to create through you.

Because within the physical world, there are still physical ways that need to be respected, need to be manifested through the physical channels. This is the whole point of embodying, of being physical is to play within the matter.

So we have great compassion when we hug you for your steadfastness, for your continuing to be so determined, so committed to this path of change, to this path of a better world, to this path of a different world. And yet at the same time I feel that you are not yet allowing yourself to really feel just how different this world is going to be and it is already. If you allow it to be with you throughout the day. This is the challenge because if you were to go... to become soon as you realize, as soon as you have your realization. It would be very easy for you to just become non-physical and enjoy the benefits of that (realisation).

But because you wanted to stay here and you are staying here, you have to keep stepping from one reality into the other, so that you can somewhat still relate with those people that are still in 3D. And it is this challenge that you are now working with intensely. And I would remind you that you are not left behind if you feel these, because it is one of the biggest challenges. How to walk in divine love, how to walk integrated and yet still be in this world but not of it. As you know, I haven't done this in my last physical life very well. I have not ended very well. I would, I admit, I would have done it quite differently if I had a chance again. I would have enjoyed myself more.

I definitely would have not end up on the cross because that was my human pride that got me there. It did not have to end up in that way for me, and I do apologize to all of you who have suffered because of that. Who have given yourself hard time because you could not talk me out of it and you would not be able to because it was my choice. And as you know I was very stubborn. And yet this also is part of the integration. Because in my non-physical state and especially because my last lifetime was quite challenging, I have had to integrate all of that into being a different person. To being the new me, to let all of that go, to allow divine love, to have compassion in this way. If I had a great life it would be much easier to integrate, (and you can relate) as many of you have given yourself challenges in this life.

So it is not that you are having this wonderful life of your dreams, not yet ...but soon. And this is what requires the divine love to permeate all of the parts, to forgive all of your parts. For the Human Self to forgive the Soul for the path that it has taken, for the path that was chosen, for the life that you had. And sometimes this is the hardest part. So there is lots and lots and lots to integrate as you now. And I encourage you to play with me because you will then know that it is possible. Because I am now enjoying. I am a very different person, very different being then who I was. And you can feel me and you can feel me free. And you can feel me that I do not have those hangups anymore. Because I have let them go. I have forgiven myself. Everything. I have allowed this divine love to permeate all parts of myself. Especially those that did not know love before. And now I would like to give the stage over to to my dear friends. Romana and John. Over to you.


I would like to say hello to you, Yeshua!

Yes, thank you for apologizing for being so proud, because I was just thinking today that I am still a little bit angry on you, and obviously you have heard me! And thank you to Alex and to you for bringing these beautiful topics up to make us aware that walking in divine love in this reality is not something so normal.

Although, for me sometimes it feels like, how else could I be? How else could I live than just to be in this divine love? But then so many other realities happen, so many other aspects come out from me, and so many aspects from other people, and so many unconscious dynamics. And it feels like, wow, it is really challenging to live in this reality, to live divine love. But yet, it is for me personally as Romana, something that has become such an essential part of my everyday life that we can not live without it anymore.

Maybe John can say something about it? Or, do we invite Isis, or [looking at John] what do you feel?


Hello dear Yeshua. It is an honor to be here with you.

[silence as John connects]

I am the voice of the one you would call Isis. It is an honor to be here with Alexis and Yeshua, and each of you.

I am not a being exactly like you. I am your soul. I am John's soul. From the human perspective I seem very feminine, yet I also include the masculine, Adam.

John is getting used to this new experience. It is a little easier for him to channel into recordings.

Yes, as your soul I want to speak about the challenging times you are going through now. The energies are so intense, because what you are doing is so amazing, so profound; because you are allowing me, your soul, to come in, to come into your life and bring in all the other parts of us - you and me, all of the other incarnations, all of the other facets of self - to come into this human experience and live this human experience with you. And that is intense!

You are allowing your - my senses to come in. You have heard of all these many, many soul senses, and you have sought for them, tried to find them. You wondered where they are, why you can not perceive them. And yet they areright here!

Your mind tries to find them, but it can not, because they do not fit in the mind. Yet you feel things. You feel so many things you never felt before. Your mind doesn't even have a way to categorize those things. Now everything feels strange. You walk around town and everybody feels strange, because you are sensing them in a whole new way. That is because you are allowing me to come in. You are allowing your soul to come in and be with you, your whole self.

Oh, it will get easier. Your mind is already beginning to relax and to realize that something so much deeper is going on. Let it happen. When it does, the easier it will be. I invite you to feel me. Allow, allow all the feelings that you have, those strange, uncomfortable and difficult feelings that you have.

Things happen. Today John was working on an apple tree, pruning it, and somehow he nearly cut his thumb off! Yes, you can see those things as bad things, or you can see them as something that needed to happen to allow in more light. You just BE with them.

Feel me. Feel my presence in your life. It is not always going to be comfortable. Feel me.

Allow yourself to look through my eyes at your own life. When you do, you are going to discover what self-love really is.

John used to try so hard to figure out how to love himself. Then I came into his life and asked him to look through my eyes. In my love for you, that is the true self-love.

It is not about the human trying to love itself. It is about the human allowing me, your soul, to love you; allowing yourself to see yourself, your life, and the world around you through my eyes.

How do you know if you are looking through my eyes?

Well, I have no judgment about anything. I simply see it all as a beautiful experience. When you look through my eyes you'll begin to see in that way. You'll begin to see the beauty of everything that you feel, of everything that you experience.

The human will still not understand. It'll argue and complain, but that is just part of the experience. Your human is learning to allow that to happen.

Oh, it is an honor to be here with my dear friend Yeshua. I'll release the stage back to him, and to Alexis.


Alexis & Yeshua

How beautiful. Thank you dear John. Thank you Isis, the Eternal Self. And I Am Yeshua. And I am not Alex. I am my own being. Even though Alex has a part of her that resonates with me. And so here you have it. Demonstration of just how different the new reality is because you have all these different ways of being. And channeling has become completely new, it has moved on to a completely new dimension. Because everything is being you, you are channeling always so to speak. Whether it's your Human Self, your mind, your Eternal Self. Or whether you do a favor to your dear non-physical friend and you blend with them easily (and channel them). Because in our non physical worlds we blend with each other a lot. We have trust, we have allowance. Of course, not everybody because depending on where they are on their journey. And what beautiful words from Isis and encouragement. And the depth from which they came those words. Just as Isis has said, it is allowing, it is the divine love that changes everything. And this is what I meant when I said a very, very different perspective. So the human mind would still think most of the time that life just has to improve. Perhaps you need a better job. Perhaps you need a better car and all of these things can come. But the change is when you are allowing your Eternal Self to look through your eyes. This is much, much more revolutionary, much, much more all encompassing and different. It cannot be explained until you actually allow it.

And we know, I know ... the impatience. Because I was quite impatient as all of you can remember. The impatience of wanting to do this realization in a second, in a minute. But because you are choosing to stay, you're choosing to stay long term in a physical. That is why you are doing it from your divine guidance. You are doing it in a slow way and we know that for Human Self, sometimes it can be very frustrating and that is why I keep encouraging you to call upon me.

And I can help you. I can assist you. It is not that I am more powerful a being, that you would have to worship me. As you can see, we are friends and so we are equal. We are at a round table, but as friends we can help each other.

And I can keep you company in those times when you feel lonely. Lonely in this world of mass consciousness. And I can encourage you in those times when you feel down, when you feel depressed. Because there is ... it is constantly that you have to remind yourself, constantly that you have to allow your divine self to be with you. Because everything in the 3D, everything in the mass consciousness is made to knock you off your self love, to knock you off allowing. To close you down. It takes tremendous amount of courage to be open in this world that feels unsafe to the mind. And that is why it's taking year upon year to convince your mind to open. Because your mind is not trying to do bad by you. Your mind is trying to protect you because your mind has pictures, your mind has memories. When you were not honored, when you were betrayed. It has all the memories of all of the things that you have experienced and human experience, as you know, has not been easy. It has been painful. It has been lonely, it has been all things that people would rather not talk about. Being disconnected is one of the is the hardest thing to experience. Because you are not whole, you are not yourself. You are at war with the parts of yourself. So this integration is taking quite a long time and we know ... I know ... that it can be frustrating.

But you are doing it. And many of you who are attending today or perhaps watching this later, you also are here today because of course, your Eternal Self is timeless. Timeless is not even the right word because Eternal Self exists outside of time. Where time doesn't exist. So this allowing of your Eternal Self, of this change of point of view, of this change of perspective, is what gets you through the day. It keeps infusing, it keeps allowing the divine love. This well that is un-ending, this river of life that people have called it in the past. That is deep within you. It keeps permeating, it keeps flowing through your life (when you allow). And this is what kind of oils everything within this life. As you walk in your divine love, you notice people that are of the mind, people that are in mass consciousness.... they feel almost barbaric to you. Their attitudes, the way they treat each other. Because your eyes are now open. You can see everything. And sometimes you can feel like ..where have I ended up?.... what kind of world is this? ... Because your eyes are no longer closed and you see people constantly stabbing, energetically stabbing each other because they are feeding upon each other. It is not a nice world. It is not a kind world.

And you being here with your open eyes ... you feel all of this ... more than you ever have felt before. And this is one of the challenges also because it is not a pleasant society. It doesn't ... the energy doesn't even smell pleasant. It doesn't feel pleasant. It stinks. Let's not beat about the bush. It does stink.

So that is why nature is so important. That is why interacting with people that are of the same, that are of the heart, is so important. And that is why also it is important that you support each other.

And also that is why it is important that you allow us, your non-physical friends, who are here in force with you (meaning there are many of us present at this time ... explanation added). To be with you, to embrace you, to remind you of the divine love, the touch you, to play with you.

To know, to let you know that you are loved. Even when you forget in your day life. Even when things happen, even when the energies are strong, even when the aspects are coming up, whether they are yours or not. To remind you to allow, to allow your Eternal Self to be with you.

And over to you dear friends.


I would like to invite you to come into the inner experience of divine love. I would invite you, if you choose, to close your eyes if you want, breathing, find yourself a comfortable position where you feel really relaxed, breathe in. Breathe in, and as you breathe in your body, feel the safe place. Feel the sacred space of you, the safe, sacred space in your body. Just breathe light, love and kindness into your body. As Yeshua just said, this is many times not a kind world that we live in, but we can be kind to ourselves. And our body holds so many pains because of this unkindness, because of this unlovingness. So lets just breathe in our body with loving breath in this moment. Loving breath of light, and feel how our breath is melding and softening our heart and our whole body. This is lightened, embodied enlightenment. When soul is entering our body, when soul is entering our heart, our whole body - it's not so easy for soul to enter our body. It's not so easy for soul to enter, because there are so many fears in the cells of our body, in our memories, and that's why we need so much compassion for ourselves. So much compassion in every moment, in every day; to feel lovingness for ourselves, and to really feel the softness of the heart. Because this is the natural state of our body, the natural state of our heart. In the mysteries of Isis thousands of years ago, I, Isis, was guiding people to experience the soul, to experience the temple, the inner temple, of the soul. Now, there are a few of you, some of you, who are choosing not just to experience the soul, but to live it and embody the soul. It's something that is really courageous, something that needs a lot of compassion for ourselves. Tremendous compassion. This is - I would like you to remember, and ask you to remember, every time when you get nervous, when you get out of connection with yourself, when you judge yourself. Thank you, and I give the word back to Alex.


Thank you Romana. This was very beautiful. You have this way of being able to really, really bring this gentleness and this wonderful feeling that only you know how to do in your unique way. So my question to you is, what are some of the things that the two of you use during the day to remind yourself. Perhaps when you are feeling down. Perhaps when things just happen, when aspects are running around and they cause things. Perhaps they cause little accidents. Perhaps when you lose, you perhaps lose income, perhaps some people lose everything ... And it is quite amazing. I am amazed how people just keep finding that ground and keep finding that ability to allow this gentleness. To allow all of this to be in your life (despite what happens). So what are some of the things, the techniques that help you?


For me, nature is one of the first things that comes to my mind. To connect with the - to go in the forest, to find this place, because in nature it's so much easier to connect with myself. And also for me it's very helpful if I feel - I'm very sensitive and I pick up many energies, and then when I'm not having enough time for myself, I get easily overwhelmed with everything. And so, sometimes hot tub [garbled] helps me, or just showers sometimes, or a dance, to me, helps very much to connect with my body, to release energies. But not to push them away. Sometimes it's more important to listen.

You know, sometimes anger comes, or many times anger comes, or sadness, or bitterness, or nervousness, or ... These thoughts for me are important to honor, not to try to get rid of this as soon as possible, but to honor why I'm feeling that way, what my body is telling me, what - in these recent times I really like to really honor my kind of negative emotions, to give them space. And it's always so rewarding because when these feelings feel heard they are not so annoying anymore. But they always bring some new depth, some new insight.

So this is a short answer. I could talk about three hours, but next turn ... [looks to John]


One of the things that I've found most useful is to pay attention to how I name what happens. When I feel things going on in my body, when my mind starts freaking out like, "Oh, I'm killing myself!" or "I'm not taking care of my body properly" or "Oh my god, what's happening?" you know, I just remind myself: I can call this bad, or I can call it transformation. And it changes how I feel in myself. When I just remember, remind myself, that I'm going through an incredible transformation right now, and my job as the human is simply to let go and let it happen.

A couple years ago I had a couple of experiences that really showed me that one of the most important aspects of enlightenment, from the human standpoint, is letting go of control. We're so used to controlling everything, and when we feel bad we have to fix it. You know, we control our bodies, and we control our environment, and we control everything, and when we can't control it, we freak out.

I realized that my job as the human is to let go of the control. To stop trying to fix it, stop trying to fix anything. Just allow it, and let things resolve themselves. Then I'm able to stay connected to myself. And even when today I was pruning the apple tree - and I still don't understand exactly how it happened, but I got my thumb in the pruning clipper and cut it really bad. At first I was like, "WHAT did I do that for?"

And it's like, it doesn't matter! I don't know why I did it, but it happened, so it must be part of the transformation. There must have been something in that experience - like Adamus says, "All energies serve the master," and somehow this energy serves me too. When we take it that way it makes it easier.


Yes I find that too. I Alex, also find it quite challenging at times to be, to be feeling and to be smelling all of those energies because I perceived them to be quiet curel. As a Human Self I do sometimes wonder why I continue to stay. And sometimes it is wonderful that you forget all of that, and in the last year I have been involving myself much more with the local community. So this for me has been the biggest challenge. How do I continue to feel the presence of my Soul? And also when integrating a lot of this stuff I would like to say that I allow because of some lofty reasons. But my Human Self most often allows (for a different reason). When I go into that space when I feel perhaps angry or frustrated or "this is not working kind of thing" ... I just realize that, it doesn't matter how long I stay in this corner of these kind of feelings (frustration etc) ... that the only way to change is just to allow. So I just get bored of these disconnected feelings and then I allow. And then everything changes, you know, everything ... that perspective changes. So it's not because of some lofty feelings. I just know that if I want to feel connected, if I want to allow Michael, my Eternal Self, Michael, to be present, I have to open up and I just have to step, just have to choose to step out of those disconnected feelings. So very often there just really aren't any other solutions, you know, from the human perspective, from the human mind. We were taught that we have to have results and we have to have some kind of ending. You know, like even every book sort of says ... "and then they lived happily ever after" ... as if there isn't that tomorrow.

And yet in reality there always is the next moment because we are eternal, you know? So there isn't a solution, there isn't any wrapping up. The wrapping up of anything is just that you choose that you don't want to experience that anymore (the frustrated feelings). And there are also a lot of other factors (involved). Like you said, it is not within the Human control. This journey was very much initiated and supported and guided by the Eternal Self which guided Human to the realisation. We came into this life to realize (enlightenment) so from the Human perspective, it feels like a lot of the stuff was out of control. Because all of these things happened for other reasons that the Human thinks. The Human Self sometimes feels like I've done everything right, I'm allowing and yet life is still not developing as I choose.

All of these things that are supposed to make me feel good and my life was supposed to look like what I imagined my dream life (to be). You know, everything is supposed to go smoothly because this is the image that the Human Self has. And whenever that doesn't really happen, or especially when there are intense things happening.....for my Human Self it so easy to think 'shit's there is something I'm doing wrong', 'there is something that I'm not allowing' or 'I'm not good enough' and I can easily go back into those emotions that my Human Self used to have....feeling abandoned, feeling unloved and all of that. And there isn't any conclusion to these things, all I have to do is to remember. Okay, now I remember how it feels like when I'm connected, when I'm allowing myself as Mikael. So let's just do that now.

So I have to let go of even being angry with Mikael. I have to let go of all of these things. There is no solution. There are no answers even, because the Eternal Self doesn't give answers to these things that would satisfy the Human Self in this way. The Eternal Self is just present, with that compassion, with that love. So you just...I as a Human, you just have to say, okay, whatever. It doesn't matter what the thoughts say, I am just, I'm going to experience, I'm going to allow, I'm going to allow this presence of who I am because this is what makes me feel loved. This is how I want to be. This is how I choose to be. So there were no conclusions to anything that happened. So whatever happens, even things during the day that my Human Self would consider that wow if I was a master this wouldn't happen...

You know, I just have to just say, okay, it doesn't matter and just I choose love. That's how I do it. I just say I choose love and I allow. And sometimes you know, like you said Romana, if I am around these energies (challenging energies), which can so easily get stuck in the body. Sometimes it does take that I have to go into nature, or like you said, have a shower and stuff or listen to beautiful music or play (drum). And that is so important to structure the day that you do things that you enjoy because you just have to. I find that I just have to let things go. All of my bad habits or addictions or things that used to control me. I had to sort of allow them and let them go and just say no. And even if perhaps I don't feel like doing joyful things at that moment, like playing my drum or something like this, because I may feel angry etc. I just have to disregard all of those emotions and just do it. These are the kind of little strategies that I have. But yeah, sometimes it can be challenging and sometimes it is wonderful.

But the transition from one place to the other is becoming very quick and very easy. I just have to choose. And yet at the same time, I must say that physical life is just so slow to change, you know, so slow to follow what that inner world is now like. The outer is not yet reflecting the inner world (in many ways). So that is quite a little bit of a challenge that I find in a day to day life.


Yeah, that's uh ... I also feel like sometimes what I feel inside and what is outside, so many times it's like, not exactly the same. I mean, there are many things that are just amazingly happening in the real life, but I look at myself in the mirror and inside I'm all happy and then I look and I'm so serious in the mirror! And I'm you know, like that's me? But I'm feeling different. You know what I mean? Sometimes this change of perspective can be with adding some humor into it, like laughing to my human. I mean, not ridiculing my human, because I'm really trying to start to love my human and to honor the parts of my human that ... I remember in many lifetimes I was ashamed of everything human, because I wanted to be so spiritual and so masterful and, you know, and in this lifetime I'm really allowing myself to be normal in all ways. And sometimes I just need to laugh to this human because it takes things so seriously and complains about things that are, you know, just unimportant, and worries about them. But it's easier for me to see John, how he's worrying to much, you know. It's easier for me to see him and what he's doing wrong than me, so ... [laughing]

Alexis & Yeshua

It is so easy to see everything in another rather than to see in yourself. I guess that is why it is so beautiful for the two of you having this relationship because you are growing through it. It can be a challenge when you are on your own. And that's why it is so important to have friendships, to have such strong friendships of people that are on this journey. I can really see and understand why people like ascended masters of the past haven't stayed that long. Because you know if we didn't see each other and have these kind of talks it would be so different. It would be so much harder also to keep self love. Every time l watch a show or have a chat with my friends online, it just lifts me up. It just fills my heart with so much beauty and so much appreciation of each and every one of us who are on this journey together.

And I would also like to remind everyone attending that there is a Q & A button on the bottom of the screen if you have some questions. So I'm going to read those questions, We have the first one ... apparently the audio is not working well.

There will be a recording available. I think the recording will be much clearer.

We don't have any questions at the moment and I think Yeshua wants to say a few more things.

So here I Am. Yeshua. I want to remind you, just how much we celebrate you each and every one of you and we see you in all your daily struggles and we see you in all the daily happenings that happen to you. And we see the energies and feel the energies that you're walking in every day.

And you don't celebrate yourself enough for this courageous path that you are walking, for this courageous journey that you have decided on. And you keep deciding to stay because for all of you and for each and everyone of you, it would be so much easier to just come to our side. But yet, no, you are the courageous ones. You are the pioneers that keep wanting to go where nobody else has gone before. And to keep discovering the depths of the physical matter and to keep discovering ... how mailable and moldable the matter can be. And this year, especially, all of us have stepped into a very, very different stage with this. Into a very, very different way of being. And we know on our side, we know that you don't feel it yet ...just how much has changed. And we know for many of you... you feel the void or you feel like you've gone backwards. But this is because the old truly is saying goodbye. And all you need to do is you step into the new and you step again and again and again into the new, into this allowance of the new.

And remember, remind yourself of all of those feelings that you have at times felt. Those wild feelings, those freedom feelings. And feel, feel them with me now if you will. Right now. How does it feel when you are completely boundless, when you are completely free? Take a few breaths. How does it feel when there is no one to fear, when there is no fear? When there is no one above you, where there is no one to tell you what you should do. Where there is no one to give you limitations. Setting boundaries for you. And whether that's on the inside or the outside. How does that feel? That wonderful, joyful free feeling. That humans, human beings haven't actually experienced before.

They haven't experienced this kind of world, this kind of planet. They haven't experienced this dominion with everything else that is around them. With life ... in equality, in diversity. In this wonderful multidimensional play. That never ends and that keeps, keeps giving you, gifting you with more joys, with beautiful new experiences of sense and senses. Of feelings that you have never experienced before. Of depth. Even the feelings and emotions that you know.... they become different. They get new dimensions, they get new nuances. And just the joy of experiencing yourself.

As this being that is so finely attuned. That is so receptive, that is so open to all these energies that are in play. That you can play with and touch inside. All of these different energies and twirl and dance and feel and sense. Where senses, each and every one of them, get new abilities so that your touch can also smell and see.

So that your hearing can also smell and touch. Feel the touch. Because they too are going through dramatic change. And as you are allowing yourself to be more open and more playful and more humorous, you can perceive these different things. You can play with this different things. You are able to perceive more and more and more because you are more and more and more sensitive. And it's not only to the outside world but mainly to the inner world. You can see just in how many ways you can understand. So when you are Eternal Self and your Human Self touch ... just in how many ways you can feel, you can understand, you can absolutely understand each other. And yet no human words are spoken. And just how joyful it is. And this is what is your wish. And this is your heart's desire to continually explore this. And yet within your day, all of these other energies all these stuck energies ... all these unresolved energies are constantly trying to interfere.

The challenge, and the reward is to be able to keep feeling this freedom. Feeling this freedom to just be you, to feel you, to perceive you, to play with life as you want to play. This is the freedom because up to now in the past, and most of the people that are in the mind ... they don't get to choose who they are. They just have to play the roles that are pre- prescribed. So the freedom to be you, the freedom to explore you ... is so fresh, so new. And I encourage you, I Yeshua, encourage you ... to keep stepping into that.

It doesn't matter how your life looks on the outside. And it doesn't matter what the situation is on the outside and on the inside also. If there are energies and aspects that are interfering, you don't have to resolve them. You don't have to argue with them. You don't have to change them. Because as soon as you step into that changing game, it becomes a game, it becomes a battle.

And some of the aspects, that is what they want because it's the only way they could get attention in the past. So it is up to you to teach them ... that no, we're not playing that game anymore. And you don't have any answers. You don't need any answers. Because the only answer is the allowance of this self love, the divine love. And you just keep stepping into the allowance of that.

You don't have to resolve. And it doesn't matter what occurs in your life. It doesn't matter how badly it would want to make you feel about yourself. There is no resolution to that except for stepping out of it and stepping into this new reality. To reality of integration, reality of the presence of your Soul, your Eternal Self. To reality of feeling loved, feeling embraced, feeling whole. Feeling joyful, feeling curious, feeling childlike. Feeling wild and feeling free. And I ask you and I remind you, to embrace yourself and allow yourself to be that, to feel that within every day. As you are washing the dishes, as you having the shower, as you are doing your daily things, perhaps as you are going to work, perhaps as you are looking after your children.

There is no reason not to feel those and explore and be gentle with yourself within your everyday life. This is how you do make reality. This New Earth. And the Old Earth doesn't need any resolution. The Old Earth doesn't need finalization. The Old Earth doesn't need any final answers.

The answer is the New World and all it needs is stepping into it. And allowing.

That is all. Allow minute by minute, hour by hour during your day, wherever you find yourself. There is nothing you have to change within your life to experienced this. You don't have to resolve your life. You don't have to resolve any of your issues. You don't have to become healthy first. You don't have to become rich first. You don't have to become young first. You don't have to look different first. Wherever you are, whatever you be is the right place to feel this love. All you do is choose. Take a different perspective. Allow it within yourself. Over and over and over.

Okay, so lets see if we have any questions ... Okay. So there are other people also saying that the audio has not been very good. We apologize for that. I apologize for that. I'm not quite sure how to resolve this at the moment, but hopefully the video recording will be a much more clearer.

Over to you John and Ramana, if you would like to add anything more?


Are we concluding now? Or...


Yes, it is up to you. You can keep going.


First, I want to apologize for our audio. I had a much better microphone all set up to use, and it stopped working five minutes before the show. Sorry about that, it's been one of those days where the energy is very intense.


And I'll blame it on Yeshua, because he crashed my computer. It went to the blue screen of death, so ... Only Yeshua can do that! [laughing] That's the second time he's kind of done this, I must say. He's just, I think the presence, of so many energies sometimes, they do cause the issues. But yes, there isn't anything much we can do about the audio at the moment. So yes, over to you, whatever you would like to say.


I would just like to say that, you know, maybe that's also about how we all try to be so perfect, to do everything so perfectly, and then things just go wrong sometimes to, just to challenge us in that. You know, like, yeah, everything is fine even though on the human level it's totally wrong! [laughing] I mean, even if technical things don't work or something, but I hope that we will make somehow later for this to be heard by our guests. Otherwise we will make another meeting.


Well yes, we are definitely not finished, so perhaps, we can complete for today if the audio is not working very well, and just try to resolve this. Unless, John, is there anything you wanted to add?


Um, yeah. Isis would like to add:

Just feel me, dear ones. Feel your own soul. Let yourself look through my eyes, and you'll find that all of these things, all of these things that the human is so uncomfortable with, that the human is so struggling with in life, you're going to find they will flow different when you allow yourself to simply feel them through my senses, through my eyes.

Feel me. Let me in. For that's what this is all about.

And so it is.


Thank you. And someone has asked whether there will be a transcript for this session and yes we can definitely do that. We can transcribe to assist with the understanding because I think it has been a wonderful session and hopefully that people have felt the energies that have been transmitted that all of us have brought to this table. And what a beautiful gathering every time that we gather in this way, it's a beautiful gathering and the purpose often times it is not the words that are said, but it is the feelings and the experiences and the encouragement that we each feel for each other.

And here we are again, Mikael, Mikaela. Just to say thank you for participating. Thank you for your patience because yes, sometimes the technology doesn't quite work as well as we would like.

And just like Ramana has mentioned, it is also part of realizing that life is messy at times. Life is that it is, it is not clean, it is not clear. Would you not be bored dear ones if it was just perfect. And the perfection, as we like to often remind everyone it doesn't exist in this way because also part of the divine love is to realize that life just is. It doesn't have any conclusions. It doesn't have the final answers because we are eternal and there is always more and more and more to explore. From our side, from a nonphysical side, from your Eternal Self, we have never experienced this in quite this way before. The physicalness, walking Spirit, seeing through your eyes, this gentleness that is available to all of you. This kindness, this feeling of the safety that you carry inside, this love, this passion that you carry inside to experience, to explore.

This is why we love you so. Each and every one of you. And we Mikael, love each and every one of you with passion, with compassion, with not boundaries, because we don't have any boundaries and we are eternal, And whether we are your Eternal Self, or you have the Eternal Self with a different name.... it matters not. We love you and we love you a little bit from selfish reasons because we are love. And because we love to be love and because we love to experience and feel it in all these different ways. And one of the ways that we wanted to experience this love was also to see what it feels like when we know the parts that feel unacceptable, the parts that feel unloved and what it is like when those parts feel and start feeling accepted.

When those parts start feeling the love, start learning about love for it is nothing more precious than discovering this love...than discovering what it means and all its nuances. All its varieties.

The compassion to just allow things to be. So what does this perfection mean? It is meaningless. Life is perfect without answers, without the resolutions, without finality. Life is experience. It is a play. And it is this non judgment which like John mentioned earlier, Isis mentioned that yes, it doesn't judge and it doesn't come from the Human Self. Because the Human Self is an integral part of this experience and yet has very specific functions the Human Self. The Human Self is the part that is learning, that is discovering the unconditional love, the divine love, and it is not that the Human Self is outside of it. It is just the this experience includes the discovery of this.

The depths of this, learning about it, learning all the different shades of it, which also means frustrations, delays, sometimes pain, betrayals, what it feels like when you are disconnected.

Your Eternal Self is eternally grateful to you the Human for allowing, for being so courageous to go into the depth of this experience of disconnection and to experience all its different shades and nuances. Because without you, without your courage this would not be able to be experienced.

And yet now is the time, really is the time to step out of this. To really step into this allowance of yourself, of acceptance, of non-judgment of yourself that comes from your Eternal Self. The presence of your Eternal Self brings all of these. And there are no solutions to the aspects except for acceptance, except for allowance. except for for feeling this love, except for allowing to be permeated by this love. And that is what changes every part of you.

It is not that you have to force it to change. You just allow the presence of your Eternal Self to be, to radiate, And your Eternal Self is not trying to change anything within you. It is just the nature of being that everything automatically changes. Because with the presence of your Eternal Self, you have this ability, you have these doorways to step out of any stuckness. If you want to feel abundance, you can feel as abundant as you want to at any moment in time. Your physical world does net this time have to reflect this and then you will find what it actually means...the abundance, the divine love. It is quite different than what the mind has perceived it to be because the mind is looking at everything from a very limited perspective, from the very pre-defined perspective, from perfectionist perspective. And yet even its own perfection is just a concept that it has made up, it doesn't exist outside. As you step out of the mind, the perfection doesn't exist.

And how wonderful that world is. Where you don't judge yourself against some kind of perfection when you don't judge your experiences in that way. When you just accept him, how much easier it is to be in life. Then when you do cut your finger, it's just a part of experience, part of the physical. It doesn't have to carry any meaning with it. Only the meaning that you give it.

And you can play with any meaning. Nothing is set in stone, nothing is only one dimensional anymore. Not even for your mind because you see that whatever meaning there is, you are a free person and this is part of being sovereign and part of being free. That you...each and every one of you get to choose, get to decide what meaning you give to everything that happens to you.

There is no cosmic library somewhere out in the world, somewhere in cosmos where it says, okay if this happens then this is what it means. No. What does it mean to you? And sometimes you don't have to give it meaning. You just brush it off and move on to the next experience. And it is such an easy, simple, simple way of being. Gentle way of being. Nonjudgmental way of being. And we invite you to explore it. We invite you to step into it if you haven't already. We invite you to keep experiencing it and try it and change it to suit you. The unique you that you are.

And we thank you dear John and dear Romana. Are you happy if we close it here?


Yeah, so I would just like to say that, you know, it's so inspiring always to talk to you, whether in personal or in webcast, broadcast, and I really feel so much love for this gathering that happened here, although there were these [technical difficulties] which are from human perspective. But yeah, I would just like to honor this gathering, and I would like also to honor all the friends that were listening to us. There were quite a few that I know personally, and I would like to say hello to them if they were so patient as to stay with us until now. [laughing]


And I would also like to say, likewise, how wonderful it is to have friends like you in my life, and always I feel inspired by what the two of you do. And I would like to thank each and every one of the participants for their patience with the technical difficulties. And yes John, do you have any final words as well?


I'd just also like to thank everybody for being here, both the ones who are here now and the ones who will watch later, and I invite you to check out Romana's and my new website at


Alright! And I thank each and every one of you. And until next time, thank you! Namaste!




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