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Timelines and inner realities can shift so quickly right now and you can allow them to dissolve if you co-operate with the process. I find it essential to take some time out daily to relax, turn inward and breathe. The process may not be comfortable at times because the energy of the old 'landscapes' starts moving through you to release and you become very aware of them. Of their stories and everything that was contained within them. It helps to be patient with it all, gentle and just let them be as they flow into neutral.

As the energy moves, the pictures, feelings, emotions, memories, sadness, grief, anger, unfulfilled dreams contained within a particular story and much more flows through you. Accept them and welcome them, love them and thank them. They have faithfully served who you were. Let them flow without identifying with them because if you do, that act stops and solidifies them again into your current reality. Allow them to flow through you as the observer and allower, feeling love and neutrality. Then it all moves with much ease and grace.

Also feel the new potentials as they start replacing the space that you are creating.

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