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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

You have been so used to having a spotlight on and through the physical senses and they gave you a false perception of a reality. You relied exclusively on physical senses which kept you locked onto the physical reality which appeared to not change much. Your physical senses and awareness ignored the constant flow and fluctuation of the physical world and this awareness existed in the realms of the unconscious. Allowing your reliance to shift from the outer to the inner senses can feel unnatural at first and you have to practice this change of focus until it again becomes familiar to you. The inner senses are innate to every consciousness and they vastly outnumber your physical senses.

Consciousness is not dependent on the form and when you are practiced in the inner stability of your inner senses then you loose the fear of imbalances, the fear of movement and you can allow the constantly changing realities and perceptions a full play.

Practice keep returning to the centre of your own balance throughout your day. Keep returning to your inner self regardless of what is going on in the outer world. When you 'sit' in your own I Am awareness and then observe from that vantage point, then you can allow yourself to perceive the inner and outer realities as they are. You can use your inner and outer senses and perceive realities flowing and constantly changing. With sitting in the assurance of who you are, you no longer ask your physical senses to interpret reality in such a way as to try to keep recreating the illusion of the sameness. You no longer ignore the fine, exquisite, precise and sophisticated inner senses. You can learn to know and understand their subtle and multidimensional perceptions and messages.

From this vantage point, you no longer get stuck in one reality or another, trying to create the illusions of same old because you fear being swept away into the unknown.

Operating from your own known centre is the most efficient and beneficial way to navigate and surf these times of change. Not only that, you also take ownership of being the conscious creator of your own reality. Then these times of chaos and unknown can really become fun as they act as a canvass upon which you can play and practice your co-creative abilities. You engage in the art of moulding and melting and creating different realities that you want to experience.


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