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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

The downside of the mass consciousness being so unconscious of so much of the inner world is so apparent right now. The separation from the inner reality of eternity, or soul, or whatever word one uses, has created a really very skewed and it causes so much suffering.

So many people are facing and dealing with death at the moment. They are having to face a natural part of life, which is death in very unnatural ways. Death as been made into a taboo subject. One is supposed to pretend that it doesn't exist. And yet it doesn't when you allow the presence of your eternal self. You are morbid, they say, if you think or talk about death. And yet some of the ancient traditions have used the awareness of death to remind oneself to feel alive each hour, each day. In my twenties, I came across this idea that in some buddhist traditions they meditate on death each day as the reminder of life.

Those who have lost loved ones or been touched by somebody passing, know this feeling, this experience. But it is not something that they feel free to voice, to discuss. They feel too guilty to allow the full experience of this joy for life, of feeling renewed in the face of death. There are many different ways to look at this reality of our lives, at that one day when the time comes for each person to leave this plane of existence. To die. Our current societies pretend that this day does not exist, that the reality of this day must be so awful that it must be pushed deep into the unconscious.

And so as society, there is a pretense that the human being lives forever. That lives are 'saved' as if that gives them a ticket to the eternity. There is a pretense that one has to live no matter what, no matter what awful circumstances one finds themselves in. No matter the cost. And yes, loosing a loved one is agonising. When you loose a loved one you find yourself in an instant in the 'group of those who know what it is like'. And yet even in this space one can honour life and oneself, and the richness of the experience. And develop respect for the dept of self, for the depth that each human being is capable of.

The feminine is the life giver AND the destroyer. Current culture has banned the face of destroyer, known to some as Kali, into the underword. Into the unconscious realms. But she herself is very active and always has been. She herself is not bound at all but has free reign in our world. Except that her works are not pretty, they are not life giving. They are not future giving, nor can they give you the experience of eternity. The real eternity, the presence of ones soul. The unconscious Kali gives you dirt, pollution, over-crowdedness, suffering, diseases, addictions, self destruction. You get that last day, but not in a pretty way.

What if you remembered, what if you allowed. The fact that you are eternal. That fact that other realms are available to you. That being born and dying is just like going to bed and waking up the next day after a good sleep. Refreshed. Alive. Whole and healthy.

That life and death are natural. That there are stories, the gentle ways that guide one on this journey into the other realms. To help with the transition. And at some point there is the realisation. Then no big journey is required. Because the other realms, this eternity, comes to you. Meets you right here in this life, this gentle yet fierce joy of living. Pervading every part of you. Then death in the old sense becomes a meaningless world. Word and experience that no longer exist. You die and are reborn many times each day as you live your life. As you keep allowing the change. As you enjoy change rather than the old ruts. Alive and new because you don't hold on to what no longer serves you, to the skin that needs to be shed. It is the constant renewal of life.

And Kali is no longer a terrible destroyer. Something that needs to be banished into the underworlds of unconscious realms. She is recognised and honoured for her prescious giftf. She becomes an agent of change and of ongoing renewal. The initiatress into the eternal life.

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