The life around me consistently gifts me with sensual pleasures and insights into its depths and sacredness that permeates everything. The interaction is intimate, pleasurable, changing, responsive, playful, meaningful and purposeful. The freedom of wilderness inspires me and I engage with all of life as sacred and connected. The wild beings teach me so much about brilliant freedom to be just who I am with no pretenses or baggage.  There is nothing quite like the feeling of being part of it all.

Photography has become a walking meditation and opened my eyes in a new way to the elegance and refinement of all living beings who have such rich lives. My senses keep expanding and I am always dancing with new feasts of feelings, colours, sounds, textures and scents.


Thank you for taking the time to visit and view the world through my eyes. I wish that my art expression invokes in you the desire that will allow you to follow that scent of freedom, the wild freedom and daring. Daring to be and to express who you are. And there is nothing quite like it.

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