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Living In The Flow

Episode 14
Live Broadcast 
Video Link Below

Special Guests

Geoffrey Hoppe
Linda Hoppe

  • 10 AM, 30 Jul, Denver Colorado time

  • 5 PM, 30 Jul, Tomar Portugal time

  • 2 AM, 31 Jul, Brisbane Australia time

Forest Lake

Living in the Flow is a monthly broadcast and a joint creation with T. C. Aeelah (aka Tania Castilho).

We openly share all things Human & Soul in the daily life of a Master. Living a co-creative life of self love, ease, grace and simplicity. 


We share our experiences, our incredible discoveries, the continuous learning and adventures of just Being here, now.  We discuss our interactions with mass consciousness and its challenges, the perks of being a real-life Merlin, the sensuality of every day life and new-found abilities.


The humour, the tears and above all; the passionate inspiration that keeps us in a constant expression of gratitude.


And since we really know nothing... who knows what will spontaneously burst out of these friendly conversations between friends living in the New Earth whilst staying amidst the chaotic change of the Old one.


Join us.

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About the Crimson Circle

The Crimson Circle Energy Company, Inc. is based in Golden, Colorado. We broadcast from our studio in Louisville, Colorado and the Shaumbra Pavilion in Kona, Hawaii. Our purpose is to offer information from Tobias, Adamus Saint-Germain, Kuthumi lal Singh and other angelic beings as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe, and to support those who are consciously choosing embodied enlightenment.


Our activities include a free, live monthly webcast; frequent online classes and events; many workshops and schools presented around the world each year by Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe; and an online store with a vast library of inspiring content available for free or purchase. We also host social media sites for connecting with kindred spirits. 


The Crimson Circle serves humans who have had their spiritual awakening in this lifetime and are now going into their Embodied Realization, also known as enlightenment. These Masters come from all walks of life, a wide variety of spiritual backgrounds, and from over 130 countries around the world. The common element is that they have all experienced a deep and personal awakening, and are now experiencing what it is like to come to Realization. 


Very little has been written or taught about this process because few humans have done it while staying in the physical body. Through the messages of the angelic guides, as well as the experiences of those who are part of the Crimson Circle, a new chronicle is being compiled about coming from awakening into mastery, and ultimately Realization. This recorded history will be available to others making the journey from awakening to Realization for generations to come.


The Crimson Circle began in 1999 based on the inspired messages of Tobias. Tobias is best known for his lifetime over 2,500 years ago as portrayed in the apocryphal Book of Tobit. He brought his messages, wisdom and humor delivered through Geoffrey Hoppe for ten years, offering assistance to those who are going through the process of spiritual awakening and transformation. Since Tobias returned to Earth in July 2009, Geoffrey now delivers messages from Adamus Saint-Germain, a facet of St. Germain who is here to provide guidance and inspiration for those committed to their full Realization. 


The core Crimson Circle work deals with the integration of the Human, Master and I Am. In this trinity, the human is here for experience, the Master brings all experience to wisdom, and the I Am is the pure consciousness of the soul. Realization is the conscious awareness of the human, Master and I Am, also known as the Body of Consciousness. 


The Crimson Circle has an open belief system that honors all people and their diverse beliefs, and does not subscribe to limitations involving the human condition. There is no membership, and the only dues are those related to the personal challenges and joys of coming to Realization.


About Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe


Geoffrey Hoppe: The early spiritual curiosity of a young man was all but forgotten as he served a few years in the US Army as a Public Information Specialist at the NASA Ames Research Center (Mountain View, California), and then stepped into the business world. After finding his way to senior management positions in several advertising agencies, Geoffrey started his own marketing company in Dallas, Texas at the ripe old age of 28. Later on, he co-founded an aviation telecommunications company (provider of Internet services for business jets and commercial airlines, now known as Gogo), serving as Vice President of Sales and Marketing until 2001. In a stroke of ironic prescience, Geoffrey holds three patents for multidimensional telecommunications technologies, as well as numerous trademarks and copyrights.


Linda Hoppe: A gifted artist and highly creative by nature, Linda graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to teach Art Education, even writing a ground-breaking curriculum for Texas’ first high school honors Art Education program. Her artistic talents landed her a job as Fashion Merchandise Manager with a Fortune 500 company, helping to set the styles and designs for each upcoming season. She also served as manager for Geoffrey’s marketing consulting company for several years.


Destiny: Geoffrey & Linda met in high school and got married in 1977 on the day the first Star Wars movie premiered. Twenty years later, an angel named Tobias introduced himself to Geoffrey during an airplane flight. After talking and learning together for an entire year, Geoffrey finally told Linda about his invisible friend. Soon after, Tobias started working with clients of a local psychologist, providing deep insights into past lives and current challenges. 

In late summer 1999, a few friends were invited to listen as Tobias spoke through Geoffrey, assisted by Linda. It was the beginning of the Crimson Circle, an organization that they would soon spend every waking moment trying to keep up with. Since then, Crimson Circle has grown into a multinational organization, with Geoffrey & Linda traveling the globe conducting numerous workshops and events each year. 


They didn’t see it coming, but looking back in hindsight, they wouldn’t change a thing in this most extraordinary lifetime.

Latest Episode of Living In The Flow Series

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Blueprints Of The New Series

The Live series of Blueprints run monthly from 2017 to 2021.
Links to last episodes below and full series is available on my Youtube channel.

Blueprints of the new run live monthly for few years and it had been a wonderful witness to the first awkward giving voice to my Soul and the ongoing experiences of the embodied realisation and the most amazing times of transformation years.


In the series we explored and were witness to the embodiement of the spirit in matter, we explored the dance between the Human, the Soul and the Eternal Self. The Eternal Self, the I Am that I Am in other words, is pure consciousness. The sacred trinity of a connected embodied realisation. Some refer to this state as enlightenment. The Ascended Masters of the past did not stay physical for very long time after their own realisation. The energies of Earth were just to thick, dense and painful.


We have and are changing the resonance of physical world as many of us have chosen to stay after our realisation. We stay to enjoy the fruits and the incredible sensuality of physical world.  The resonance of Earth has changed and keeps changing in response to the presence of consciousness. Our presence also assist others in lighting up the potentials that are far more satisfying than the old energy.


Out of the space of inner connection to our own source, to the kingdom within, we create a new life. This is possible because our basic parameters and frameworks are no longer based on separation, fear and survival. The Human is no longer alone and there is a constant communication, clarity and exchange with the inner source of life.

The presence of consciousness enables newfound senses, abilities, inner safety, trust, openness and intimacy to ourselves and all life. We also reconnects with our non-physical friends in a spirit of clarity, equality, friendship, partnership, co-creation and respect, as we create safe space and gather at the round table of friendship.

The Human experience and the physical world are transformed when we allow the dynamic presence of the Soul Self and Eternal Self to inhabit the body, to be part of the physical realms, present in everyday life. Co-creating life with your own Soul in this way can appear magic to those still living the disconnected life. Feelings of peace, self acceptance, simplicity, continual renewal, dynamic and satisfying changes, limitless possibilities and a fulfilling life are all part of the new creations.

There are also unique challenges of this kind of continuous exponential change, of allowing, vulnerability, trust, integration of the shadow and many unexpected and new experiences. Living alongside the humanity which is yet to awake, presents its own dilemmas.


Life becomes a creative adventure and an ongoing exploration.

We also explored the energies of the times and the new parameters and unique issues that spring out of these new experiences.

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21 March 2021 - Presented by Alexis

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Image by NeONBRAND


"I just watched and I really enjoy your farewell to the illusion part on your own Alexis Srsa ,so genuine and real,walking your walk. and the passionate expressive clarity from T.c. Aeelah.

Love it. Realizing how it reflects many of my experiences. Oh yes you have to be bold and no way back when your commitment is there, being right now in some unexpected aspects integration wrapped on my Soul's Compassion. Soul Hug"

"This show is a brilliant and rare gem! It’s an absolute joy & overflowing with the wisdom of true integrated, masterful & compassionate experience. I just loved your stories of dealing with people & real life situations. The suction of mass consciousness and the ego is always trying to pull us into doubt, until we fully integrate things. I found myself feeling exhilarated and full of celebration in watching your first 2 episodes. Beyond the old, I have so enjoyed hearing your experiences of new senses and exploring this new way of living. For anyone dancing into and through realization, it’s like a gentle reminder that we are on the right track and we don’t have to do this alone. It’s also a very exciting reminder that there is so much more enjoyment to come! Love and gratitude to Alexis Srsa & T.c. Aeelah"

"It is so inspiring and the energy of yours and Tania is so beautiful, full of ease and vitality ... Thanks to the both of you!"

"Dearest Alexis, thank you for your transmission in newsletter form. You touched on a number did key points which were VERY relevant to me and funnily enough it’s all just reminders that I always somehow know AMAZING! - Living in the world but not being of it. - Your realisation of lack of freedom as an employee but allowing the soul to come in and transform limitations - Taking responsibility for all of ones creations and learn to transform them Those are just a few highlights, like I said, I like calling this a transmission because it’s not just reading words but basking in the multitude of energies in, under, around and beyond what you wrote which is beautiful so thank you for this. I’ve been having a troubling time but this has helped me understand a lot more and remind to tune in within. Much love and appreciation."

"It was so amazing, dear Sista!!! I can't believe that you really spoke about everything that was on my heart and mind... but you really did and you answered all of my questions... even the ones I didn't know I had... I can't wait to relisten it again!!! ?? And the energies... It was so beautiful and inspiring and empowering... and thank you for reminding me, us to self-love... and to the Divine Male... and the wildness... I'm in love with your broadcast!!! Thank you so so much, beautiful Goddess!!!"

"Congratulations on your inspiring and joyous creation dear Alex! I felt such a deep connection with the sacred feminine expressed in both you and your beautiful guest, and I can't even begin to talk about Mikaela! Never felt so much love pouring into my being this intensely, in a sustained manner, throughout an entire live show. It was truly a multidimensional orgasmic experience! Thank you for your resolve to broadcast and share your profound wisdom with all of us, as well as for doing it with so much grace, passion and cheerfulness. You are a sheer blessing to this world!"

"What a great show you gifted us with yesterday! You and Mikael never cease to surprise me with your boundless wisdom and unique way of delivering deeply transformative messages with so much ease and grace. As I tune in your webcast I feel as though I am having the most amazing friends by my side, sharing their infinite love with me in the most intimate way. It brings me joy, a sense of belonging to something so grand my mind cannot even begin to comprehend! Thank you so very much my beautiful friends! Sending much love and lots of hugs."

"I was unable to join your show live yesterday as my daughter was visiting but have just listened and feel such a strong connection with you and what you are facilitating. Thank you so much. I feel very drawn to your site and to all of the beautiful friends, especially the non physical ones who are here. I have been feeling a little stuck recently and just listening to your show has helped enormously. I step into the Now with the greatest of joy welcoming in those dear friends who are always with us. As well, I feel more confident about my ability to truly connect with my Soul self, so see how powerful your show is! Blessings and many thanks."

"Yay, your broadcast was so so rich... I will have to listen you again to remember everything that touched me. It's incredible how much you can share in an hour - on the level of words and of energies too. You are abundance in motion. And love and beauty and joy and deliciousness and sexiness and compassion and sweetness and empowerment and grandness and and and... and so much more..."

"I just finished watching your first show on YouTube. You did a great job. You and your guest were fantastic. Looking forward to the next one." 

"I want to thank you for your show last friday. It was profound and I thanks again for sharing your wisdom with us. I learned a lot from you and your friend. Something positive changed inside of me when Michaela spoke I felt she was inside of me. I am going to sign up for your 11.11 show and look forward to it. Have a nice day."

"What a pleasure to witness a gracious host and her delightful guest share their human experience and their soul wisdom. a great debut episode for what i'm certain will be one of many. congratulations and thank you!"

"Thank you, dear Alex, for sharing your exciting experiences related to the show! It is so beautiful and inspiring to see how life serves you, dances with you, how you, the creator, brought everything into motion in a joyous and graceful way! :) And your show was such a sweet and delicious and refreshing experience, like reposing on a soft, giant pillow and being embraced by the Sacred Feminine through your beautiful voice and radiance, while recognizing myself in everything I heard and was so heart melting and empowering at the same time. Thank you!"

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