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Mary Magdalene - Games of Power

I Am Mary Magdalene. And I come to you today, to talk about power.

Power and powerlessness are huge for every human being. And each one of you, including myself when I was walking in my physical life time. I have come across this energy, this thing called power and powerlessness. For each and ever human being feels both sides. In relation to some things each one of you feel powerful and in relation to other things you experience powerlessness. Now powerlessness is very very challenging and hard to feel because it is such an uncomfortable emotion. It is so uncomfortable to feel that. And especially through your younger years, as a child, you choose to survive, you choose to not feel the powerlessness and those events that have happened and made you feel powerlessness. You put (those events) deep into your unconscious and yet they have a big effect on you life as you know. Mass consciousness also includes many many experiences to do with power and powerlessness.

So many people are feeling powerlessness in the face of things they perceive so much grander than themselves. That could be institutions, can be other people, perhaps it is the body and diseases. There are many many things with which you can feel powerless in a relationship to those things.

And yet there is a way out of this feeling powerful and powerlessness. For they do go hand in hand, you can not have one without the other. For many humans think that if only they can be the top dog, if they can feel on the they pursue all these things that will give them all this power. And for sure it does, for in the physical world, power is very tangible and being powerlessness is also very tangible. There are very definite experiences to do with that. When you see the demonstration of power and powerlessness. Perhaps you have experienced when authorities have power to detain you. There is a very very real, physical, tangible experience to do with power and powerlessness.


And so as you wake up and you go through all of those integrations and things, you inevitably come to integrate these things to do with power and powerlessness. And perhaps in the dead of night you allow, that you come to a place where you feel safe, safe with your soul, to allow the parts that felt powerless to come to you, to come home. And you welcome them home. And that means that for a very short while you do feel how that part of you, that aspect of you felt....that incredible powerlessness in the face of what seemed like outside sources, forces. And it can be very uncomfortable.


And then you go on to experience other experiences to do with this. And perhaps...something haunts you...some event that keeps coming up over and over in your life against which you feel powerless. Perhaps that happens at your job, to do with the boss. Or perhaps that is just simply survival, not being able to leave things; and you make yourself do things that you don't enjoy doing because you feel powerless in the face of survival unless you follow the protocols, the rules. Things that your mind thinks will bring you survival, the abundance, the money to pay the bills. All sorts of things.


And as you keep integrating and you keep integrating your soul; more and more you come to a place where there comes that moment within...that moment within a particular day where you realise that you are powerful. That thing that scared you, that feeling, that emotion, that realise...they no longer have any power over you. So the change has happened within you. And that is where all these huge changes need to happen for them to have an effect on outside world.


For otherwise, you know, that you will continue to meet those kind of conditions unless you resolve them within you. You come to the understanding, you come to the awareness how the powerful and the powerless....they both live within you. They are the spaces within you. They are definite rooms within you that have those feelings to do with that (power/powerlessness). And as you own both sides, as you own the powerful and the powerlessness within you; they integrate. They come into balance, they release, they move on through you.


And so then the next stage appears before you to play with. For majority of people, for all people that are playing within the mass consciousness, that are stuck within the mass consciousness....even to come to this place of no longer having something, of no longer having this power over them (is huge). And it is a very strong, very defined, very definite experience to experience this within you (how power has no power over you any longer). You will know it when you experience it. So for majority of people even that is unreachable. It takes incredible allowing, incredible amount of awareness. And words fail me here but you know what I mean.


It takes a lot of consciousness to be present to even come to this place, where you can see power and powerlessness....when you can perceive them as spaces within you. Spaces that you can resolve, that you can melt, that you can integrate, that you can set free.


And that is when you then can step out of this game of power. And you realise that nothing outside of you has any power over you. And there are a number of things that disappear with this experience; fear is one of those things. For when you no longer have anything that is overpowering you....what can you fear? There is nothing to fear in that space.


And so of course then you realise, how life, how consciousness, how your soul is without any power. It is a difference sense in this case as being powerless. It just means that this energy doesn't exist. The more you allow your soul, the less you need this thing called power/powerlessness. Because within the consciousness it doesn't exist. And so when you come into this space of you with you, you are in the space of incredible mastery.

And I would like to invite you to feel celebration for yourself for allowing this, for realising this. For allowing the consciousness ...your be present within you, as you. So that you can have these kind of experiences, these kinds of insights. So that you can step out of this huge game that is power/powerless game that is playing in this word.


For then when you step out of it, and you are outside of can look in, you can look at almost looks ridiculous. For when you step out of it, you are in your sovereign space.


And this is why so many that are still trapped, or when you were trapped within the mass is why you wanted to feel powerful. Because when you felt powerful, it imitated that feeling of you being a sovereign being within your sovereign energy, within the oneness of your being. You see, in your sovereign domain, there is no need for such things as power and powerless. When you are a master, when you are a master of your own domain, a king and a queen in your own free domain...there is no use for such things (as power/powerlessness).


So there is this yearning in people before they reach this place (so to speak). Because unconsciously they know that such a place exists, such a place of feeling safe. Such a place of feeling in control...but 'control' is not anything that you are or be, when you are in your sovereign space. You are completely out of control because control the part of the mass consciousness. But again that control mimics that feeling (of safety). You see, within the mass consciousness, in the world that the mind has created, things mimic the real way, the real being when you are in your soul, when you are as your consciousness...when you realise that all is your energy. You see there is this feeling very similar that feels like when you are in control. But you are not really because in this space there is no need for such things. Because you are completely safe, you are completely feeling yourself as creator. A creator that is free to choose. This incredible freedom to be you, to choose and to know with absolute certainty deep within you that what you choose


This is what people that are still caught within the mass consciousness know at a deep level, that is real. That this way of being exists. And yet the only things that they have are cheap imitations. Imitations like control. Imitations like feeling powerful, and of course powerless. All the things that you see within the mass consciousness mimic the real thing. When you know the real thing, you can never mistake the mimic as being the truth, as being real.


In that space of your freedom, in that space of your sovereignty, you can be gentle, you can be sacred, you can be divine. You can allow these fine, subtle energies of such beauty, of such gentleness, of such sacredness... to fill you. For there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to resolve. There is only but being, the being of joy. The being of you, whole. Satisfied and yet excited to keep experiencing more and more of who you are. And in this space you also allow this merging, this sacred marriage of masculine and feminine.

They become one as one. From this space you move out into oneness of you, into incredible multiple oneness of you. And you can hear this song, this incredible song; that is dancing, that is singing, that is flowing though you. Because you are allowing, you are allowing these fine, subtle, incredible life-giving energies. Feelings, experiences to flow though you, freely. For you are out of those harsness games of power and powerlessness. You are out of control, of being out of control. You are beyond all of these things. And I invite you to play with these things, to allow these things each day. Each day. Remember to take those deep breaths, remember to step away from it all. Even for few minutes and play with these energies. And see the incredible changes that happen within your lives.


For those that choose changes. For some, I know you already are floating as if on cloud nine. But in reality you are very earthly, as never before. Embodied, connected. Alive.


And I leave here in this way. Until next time. Thank you.

Blueprints Of The New, 12.12.2020

Welcome dear friends to another Blueprints Of The New. It is Dec 2020 and it is the weekend of the 12/12 . It is the last Blueprints Of The New this year and what a monumentuous year it was wasn't it. My name is Alexis Srsa and I'm broadcasting from Far North Queensland.


This is a take two for normally The Blueprints Of The New is scheduled for yesterday. And it did happen for those who have logged in through Zoom.

But Facebook has again changed few things and so it didn't go live. So I've decided to not advertise live on Facebook any more. For the next Blueprints I will invite everyone just to log in through Zoom and I will record the video and post the recording video on Facebook afterwards.


Because Facebook is just not reliable. This is the second time they did little changes without notifying it creates a problem because I am a one person show basically. I do test systems before but if changes happen just before the show, I can not rectify them right there and then. There are so many

buttons to press and I want to concentrate on bringing the best message that I can (rather than focusing on changing buttons).


I hope this will work for you. It is funny because yesterday at the take one of The Blueprints I said that it would be nice to do the show in my afternoon for a change, as normally it is early morning for me. Often there are huge (energy) movements for me overnight before the show and at times I tend to look like a truck has hit me in the morning. Or quite a few trucks (laughter).

And even though I recover very quickly, it is for me much easier to do in the afternoon. Mornings are beautiful but I am the afternoon type of person.


And so … how quickly has my wish come true, my want, my desire. Straight away the next day. You say something and it quickly happens. I will change the time for The Blueprints for next year, I will be broadcasting in my nigh time. Probably 7 pm. And just test this and see how this works out. Each and every one of you has a lot of commitments and I noticed that many people watch the recording rather than join live.


This 12.12 weekend. What a year it was. So many new things, so many experiences, so many changes. For me there haven't been so many physical changes. We have pretty much stayed put physically but in the inner world everything has changed.


I would also like to invite you to check out my website for private sessions. I offer private sessions for one hour or in bundles. I'm also putting together prerecorded videos for the private sessions included. So watch out for those cloud classes coming out. And for those of you who have joined Yeshua and Mikael on the 3 months journey for Essence. We are in the middle now and that is going beautifully. Another 3 months Essence will start in February so if you feel drawn to join that class, which is about Christ Consciousness. How to feel it, how to bring it into your life, how to allow it, how to create space. And it does not matter what level you are at because your soul self and our non-physical friends will work with you at where ever you are. Classes are customised depending on who participates.


There are couple of Events with Friends coming up. The first one is called Earth Realms. This one will be on the 10 January Australia time. Partnering with Muriel Shickman for a 2 hour class.

In February, Caty Baumann and I will do a live show and please keep an eye out for that live show.


And now let us all settle in here, all that have gathered here today at the round table. Aaah and we just dive in, we just allow ourselves to dive in, to fall into ourselves. There is no greater feeling or experience. To just be you. And however you may experience that. I often experience that as a flowing river. Or basically to allowing myself to fall into myself and I am caught by my greater self which is my soul, my eternal self. And my eternal self I often call Mikael as many of you know. And here I am not referring to the spiritual family that was Mikael but to a very very individualised and personalised eternal self whom I also am. So I am many and I am one. And I am nothing and I am all. And I am everything in between. There is such a joy to experience this multidimensional nature of yourself. This year has been a year to dive into that. And for many of you, it has been a year of realisation. And for the new ones to this journey, it has been the year of awakening because you have had to stay put. Because of all of the lockdowns, because of all things that have been changing. You have had time to look at your life, to feel your life, to realise some things, to make changes withing your life. And those changes are very very far reaching. And those changes that happened this year for each and every one of us on the inside, will slowly unravel, will slowly blossom into this New Earth. This New Earth that is an inner experience.


So today, even if the subtitle was Self Love, which is such a basic (premise), such a thing of simplicity and yet it is most profound. It is not a fluffy self love. It is love that compassionately embraces all. And this is what people often forget and do not enjoy enough. This journey, to experience, to explore. Because once you experience your realisation, you realise just what a golden journey it was. What a precious journey it was. And just how much your eternal self honours you the human for the journey, for this gift that you have given it. To be able to experience the separation, to be able to experience the physicalness, to be able to go on this grand adventure. Which from the point of view of eternal self was not a long journey at all. But indeed from the point of the human self, it feels like centuries have passed. So for this designated lifetime of realisation and for others this designated lifetime of awakening... how precious this journey is. How precious you are. How precious it is and what a gift it is to be alive. And these words are now not empty words for me, they are real experiences. In this new way, the only thing that matters is the experience. It is not the thinking of it (that matters). So I will read some words because we want to go into this space of being and feeling magnificent.


Feel this.

What happens when you think 'magnificent'. You see how small you are when it is a though. It goes in here (in head). And then you feel yourself magnificent, you dive into yourself. And you feel yourself magnificent. You see, this is the difference between thought and experience. Between being and thinking.


And when you are caught in the box of the mind, in the realm of the is a challenge at that time to step out (of mind, of thought). And you wonder how do I step out? How do I step out? For that is the biggest thing. And often for some you step out of mind within the dream world. That is often the first time you experience what it is like to be outside of mind. For other people it can be an event that jolts you out of your mind. And once you have consciously experienced being out of the mind, you don't ever forget it. Because even if you have experienced it in the childhood, it will come back to you. And then you cultivate this, you grow it, you garden it, you be it. You step into it.

And yes we are Mikael. And there is no difference and there is a big difference between our human self, between our eternal self , between our soul self. And yes perhaps we will do our class on all the differences because when you are multidimensional. When you are all that you can be, when you are growing, allowing, expanding into your self, into your greater self. You become so clear, you become so able to discern. For your soul comes with all these abilities. And all you do is but allow and expand and experience the abilities to perceive yourself as one. The abilities to perceive yourself as many.


For I Mikael am many. And I enjoy being many. For have you ever tried to have a meal, tasting that meal, where thousands upon thousands of mouths are tasting that meal at the same time. And yet it is at the same time only one mouth, Alexis' mouth, that is tasting this. And yet in a multidimensional being there are thousands and thousands. And imagine the joy, imagine the orgasmic experience when you are tasting from so many different perspectives. And you are clear, you are sharp, sharper than any physical sword that ever was made. Sharper than the edges of a diamond. Your clarity is sharper than the laser beam. There is no confusion when you are clear, there is no confusion when you are realised. You know who you are. You know who the many are. You know who the one is.


And most of all, you can step into the I Am That I Am. And you be it, and you feel it, and you experience it. And from there you can be whatever you chose to be. You can be who you want to be. You can go on all these different experiences and adventures. For you now chose what you want to experience. How you are going to experience it is going to be a bit of a mystery, because would it not be boring if you knew everything. So there is always going to be more and more of discovering yourself. It is like a gift-ment, a continual gift-ment of your own self to your own self. And it is a continual falling in love of yourself with yourself over and over.

In that clarity; you can be clear with others, you can be precise with others, you can be in compassion with others. Because you are not projecting your unresolved things. For all of those unresolved issues have resolved.


It doesn't mean that while you are physical in this world (you won't at times feel frustrated), while you are experiencing mass consciousness, which you can channel easily. For you know it very well, you know it intimately. But when you start stepping away, when you start not identifying with it so much... when you clear yourself. Then it is like the wisps of winds perhaps, or like a mist that flows through you. And it flows through you without affecting you. You know it but it doesn't affect you because there is no hook within you that it can catch itself on.


And this falling into yourself is such a huge adventurous journey to get to this place where you can really just allow yourself to fall into you. You of course start of from the place where you put authority, where you put responsibility, where you put everything on the outside of you.


So this gradual coming back into yourself, coming back into your is a continual, continual journey with many experiences. Because when you are clearing and you are clearing and you are clearing, you always come to yourself more and more. It feels so wonderful. And yet the journey never finishes for even those of you, especially those of you that are realised. You know that realisation is but a beginning of the journey. For you realise just how much there is to experience, for you realise just what a joy you have for life, for living, for this river of life that flows through you. For tasting, for experiencing, for opening yourself up to your senses, to the feelings, to the emotions. To the experiences that you have never experienced before. Just how delicious those experiences are. And just how delicious it is to taste things from so many different perspectives.


And for that human self to be gifting with no holding be gifting the physicallness to your own soul, to your own eternal self. And you go through this journey where you start with putting responsibility on so many things, and you put responsibility on the names. For it so was with Alex, when she thought that Mikael was someone on the outside. And yes there are other people that speak on behalf of me. There had to be a process, an experience where she has realised herself as me. You start and you continue to keep owning that responsibility. And stop waiting for somebody else on the outside of you. And whether that is your non-physical friends, whether that is your physical friends, whether that is people that you look up to. You continually draw back, you continually fall back into yourself.


And so this year was huge, was it not my friends, it was huge to experience. There were so many opportunities and for many this realisation of just how much this year has brought to you, will slowly slowly unfold itself. So yes, dear friends, look out for 2021. For those of you who have made clear choices and you continue to make clear choices. And have you not noticed that December was especially big for those choices. Where you had to continually make the choice: do you want the new or do you want the old. For the old is extremely seductive is it not. The misery is extremely seductive for it has been lifetimes, centuries and centuries of experience in being in that land of separation. In that land where the human thought it was separated and yet it is all right here. It is all right here. It is nowhere that you have to go.It is nowhere that you have to travel to experience this. You can if you want to. But do not worry for the lockdowns, do not concern yourself with all these things. Look at it as an opportunity to fall into your inner world even more and more.


Self love is the key. It has been an overused word but you know more and more you know, how it resolves everything. There are so many different ways that we could present this. And in other programs and things that we do. We choose to create with art, with creativity, with panache, with style in this way. We choose beauty, we choose beauty, to being beauty, to see beauty, to be as beauty, to experience ourselves as beauty. And it is only but a choice for everybody is unique. And we are hoping, well our wish in this is not for you to be exactly (like us), or to experience yourself as we do through Alex. But to inspire you to be bold, to be courageous. To create, to create, to create fearlessly. To create your life from your heart, from your passion, the real passion. From your passion of your soul. For then those creations, for then that light that flows through you, when you create it from the passion of your heart, through your going to contain diamonds. It is going to contain such beauty, such poetry, that it can not be expressed by words my friends. It can only be experienced. It can only be experienced.


And yes I can hear for some of you, perhaps you are listening to this later...your mind is saying...'but I can not stop, Mikael, I can not stop. For when I stop, when I calm, when I want to allow myself to fall into is not safe. For there is war raging inside of me, for there is dislike, for there is self-hatred, for there is self-animosity. And it is unpleasant, it is not safe (inside of me). And I say to you, I challenge you...invite your soul in, invite your soul to be present. And it is not because it is not already present, it is just that you are not realising that. So choose to feel yourself as a soul, choose to feel that presence, choose to become aware and conscious of that presence. And so whatever happens, whatever rises within you, whatever things that rage withing you, will then start to resolve as you stay with them. But you as a human, you only need to create that safe space, you only need to create the space where all of that happens. That round table (on the inside of you). And invite your eternal self, and invite your soul in, and invite all of those raging parts (to the same table). All of those parts that you thought could not be reconciled. You will see, you will be amazed how they can. And with ease and grace. Yes not always without the pain because you acutely feel. You become conscious of your own darkness. As you know.


Yet you honour it, you accept it, you love it, you invite that home. You teach it to learn love. And for some of those parts of you have never felt (love) and so they will be awkward, they will feel awkward. Especially for those of you that perhaps have been big warriors. For each and every one of you has had lifetimes and lifetimes upon this Earth in all sorts of situations. You know the kind of situations that have been on this Earth. You were experiencing the whole range of everything. From the most vile, to the most beautiful, to the most loving. All of that wants to be conscious, all of that wants to come home.


There is such a wonderful pleasure to be welcoming these parts home. When you no longer look upon them with the face of disdain, with the face of rejection. It is not me they want acceptance from. You want acceptance from you. You see.


There isn't anybody else that can do this on your behalf, no matter how much you wish, no matter how much you look up to other people. Within whom you see that they may be living the realised life. And you look up to them. But they can not do it for you. For you, YOU will need to feel self love and self-acceptance.


Alex is reminding us that we haven't finished reading those words. We have sent mind on a holiday. So here we are, we are going to read those words now. See if you can feel them, see if you can own them, see if you can identify with them. Make them your own. Not just thinking about them, but feel them.


Lavish. Magnificent. Gorgeous. Royal. Regal. Impressive. Brilliant. Elegant. Phenomenal. Extraordinary. Astounding. Exceptional. Remarkable.


See and notice how you change as you own, as you feel those words. You don't have to be anywhere special, you can be exactly where you are. And who you are (magnificent already). That is the point, you be exactly within your life and regardless of what is happening around you. Regardless of how you feel about your life, about your self at this present moment. Know that you are multidimensional. Own that you are multidimensional. Be multidimensional. So what does that mean? It means that you can feel a number of different things at the same time. And yes I can here some of you saying 'that is hard. It is impossible. Look at all the things that are happening in my life'. Especially when you are on the journey of integration. Every darkness, every shadow of yourself will come and join you, will want to come home. You experience even more acutely the so called darkness.

And yet you know, you have had experiences (of feeling multidimensional at the same time). And if you haven't yet, choose them and allow them to at the same time experience magnificence, elegance, extraordinary-ness.

Because as you do that, the space is created within you. It is not that you have to get rid of the dark parts, it is that at the same time the space is created within you and in that space you can then allow your soul to be present. For the vibration matches (as you feel yourself magnificent) much more. And you can become conscious of that presence. And that presence, when you come down to it, regardless of what you are doing, regardless of where you are, regardless of what is happening in your life. It is that presence that will resolve (everything).

And why will that presence resolve everything. Perhaps not in a day, perhaps in a day. Perhaps in few months, perhaps in a year. But it will resolve the situation where you feel stuck. Not only because the times are such that all the stuckness wants to be moving, all the old wants to move again, wants to be free. Wants to breathe, wants to experience something new. For some of these things have been stuck forever and ever.


As you are allowing the presence of your soul, because the nature of all of experiences is such that they come in a packets, packages, packs (experience complete in itself). There is a solution within the same pack as where the so called problem or the issue also is. But how do you come to the solution? With the presence of your soul you can then feel everything (and so the issue flows from being a problem to being a solution). You no longer feel fear, even when you are dealing with fear. With the presence of your soul you breathe easily. Alex is reminding me that this 'easily' is a very relative word. Ok I acknowledge, for the human the fear can be huge. For a human who is still disconnected.


The fearless life. How do you get there? It is how you get there (with allowing the presence of your soul). Of course that (the presence of your soul) gets even more things moving to become aware of even more. If you are not aware of those things they create your life unconsciously for you. So you bring them to light (consciousness), you keep bringing them to light.


The presence of your soul will teach you how to deal with this. In your relationship with your soul self, with your eternal self, you learn how to do all these things. And yes you can read about it, you can listen to others as encouragement. But the only way you learn is to spend time, quality time with yourself where you allow yourself to fall into yourself. And you learn how to be abundant, you learn how to deal with your issues, you learn how to allow them to flow through you. Until voi-la...there is a solution (to your problem). And often times the solution is not how you imagined it as a human self, as a mind. For the mind being in a small box it doesn't have solutions for everything else. Yet there are solutions all around you, there are solutions within you, within your energy. For each and every situation, for each and every called problem that you have...when you allow yourself to be taught by own eternal self, to awaken the inner senses, the inner knowingness, the inner wisdom. You learn how to download from other lifetimes, from the parallel lifetimes, from the future lifetimes, from the past. That is when you can actually be a magician with the solutions. And yes we are reminding you that all of this knowledge is inside of you. And so there you go on the journey to realisation, to enlightenment. To just the beginning.


This has been, from the human point of view, such a big journey, such an old journey. You read in these books of old, and you read on the walls of the ancient buildings about gods. About the ancient ones that used to walk the Earth. Whether your mind believes (these stories) or you take it on faith, because you have not met such a god. The whole point, dear ones, is that you are (such a god). You awaken to this fact. You can be like we are. Right here, right now. Where we state; I Am A Living God. I Am A Living God.


Imagine that dear ones, even a hundred years ago, imagine saying that. Especially as a woman saying that. In some countries even today. And yet there is freedom on this Earth now. That you have invoked, that you have created. That we have created together. Where you can experience yourself as this ancient one, one from the old, one from the new. A living breathing God. Walking this Earth.


And so for some, yes a bold statement, and for some a reality. For some that have done this work (of realisation), a reality. It is a reality that is extremely, extremely pleasurable one. It is a reality that is not overbearing. That is not overpowering to others, it considers all life as sacred. It considers all life as beautiful. As sacred. As precious. It is not overbearing for there is no power in such a way. In such an inner being. I Am That I Am. A Living God. There is no power over others, there is no power over self. Within you there is peace, there is harmony. There is not sameness for remember, when we said that there are thousands and thousands of voices, parts and aspects and points of view. And that dear friends will not finish for we are continually creating more and more. For we enjoy and we allow, we rejoice in experiencing things and experiencing ourselves through so many points of view.


We, as Mikael, Eternal Self, I Am that I Am...we give freedom to each and every part, to be exactly who it wants to be. To experience itself within the I Am that I Am as it wants. Gifting, continually gifting the Eternal Self with wisdom, with expansion, with joy, with orgasmic delicious divine experiences.


Precious, beautiful, fun, joyful. How many words are there? We invite you, to perhaps type into a google and explore wonderful words and feel them, be them and own them. So that they become you. So that you experience them in your every day life. We invite you to be this courageous. We also invite you to experience yourself as fearless, we invite you to experience yourself realised. As grand and multidimensional. To experience yourself as New Earth. For New Earth is an inner experience and yet you will see, dear friends, that the New Earth is being birthed (physically). Next year there will be an even bigger divide between those that have chosen and have done the work. And are doing the work. For their lives will be even more enjoyable, as they can be while they are still dealing with the mass consciousness.


You will see those that are retreating more and more into fear, more and more into the limitation of the mind. For they too are continually presented with the choice. Perhaps for some it is not their lifetime, it is not their time. And for some others they are not wanting the New Earth. For they like the benefits, they like the seduction of the old. They are not willing to change. Perhaps until they are reborn and come in another lifetime. That will be easier for some.


You see when you are multidimensional, where there is no longer the inner veil between this world and that world. Where there is no longer the veil between the living and the dead, you realise it is all living. Just different kind of experiences. Then even at this (some peoples choices to choose the old) you can look at with compassion, for you know that life continues in a different form. Life continues. So even death becomes your friend, for you die (change form) many times during the day and you die many times as you keep changing. So death (in the old sense) becomes meaningless, for it means nothing any more. For you live and you always perceive yourself as alive, whether you are on this side or that side. You are just changing form.


And yet within every form that you change into, because of your clarity, amazing magical, so called magical ability to be so clear within don't mix them up. You know exactly who is who and what is what. And you relate in a very very different way. For you know that the family that you know of Michael, even the Archangel still for some carries the sword. For in the old days, in the days of separation, in the days of duality, you were fighting. But who were you really fighting? Your own shadow.


So now that the shadow is integrated. We have more words to say how do we relate (to parts of self in the inner world). We relate with appreciation, with affinity, taking pleasure in, taking delight in, with affection, with love. And all these different parts that before seemed irreconcilable. Because they were in opposition (to each other). Because they wanted different things. And now within the multidimensional being, all have can have their own expression.


The amazing thing with applying this unconditional self love, the unflinching self love, accepting self find that all of your parts start choosing different way, different things to do, different things to experience. For no longer are they wanting to experience the battle. Even the old battle soldiers. Even those parts that have just known war, war and war. Even they have allowed the feminine, even they have allowed the gentleness, the love. Even they have learned to love. And they to are no longer willing, out of their own honouring of themselves, our of their own respect for themselves, to have 3D experiences (of battles and such).


And so all of this you can experience within yourself. Many have in all different ways. I congratulate you, and I honour you. All of your non-physical friends honour you. You are magical beings. You are magical, amazing, magnificent beings. I invite you to experience that.


Imagine, for those that are not already, if you did get up in the morning and regardless of how many trains have 'hit' you overnight because of the energy movements. All the integrations. If you felt yourself magnificent, if you chose that to be your point of view, that to be your perspective, the lens, the filter through which your life is going to flow through you. Just how different your day is going to be if you feel yourself magnificent. And yes I can hear some of the minds saying, minds that are still caught within the mass consciousness...but this is so selfish, this looks so very narcissistic. Yes it is when the mind is doing this in its separation. And yet when you are allowing this to feel this from your heart, it is a very very different experience. It is an all inclusive experience. It is a delightful experience. It is an experience that gives the gifts of magnificence to all other creatures and beings that you come across. Because you know in the abundance of yourself, you know that there is no ending of well being. There is no end to wonderful, delicious energies, experiences that you can have. Because you realise your self as the creator of those experiences. Which of course require for you to take responsibility for everything, for everything in your life. But then you come to this wonderful way of being where you are pleased with yourself. In a way that is not the old arrogant way, but in a new way, in appreciation way. And you create from that space. You can be as generous with others, not overbearing. Because what is there to be overbearing for, when you are the creator of everything you experience, of your abundance, of your wonderful things. So how can you then not wish that upon others and allow others to also experience their own journey in their own way.


No one is taking anything from you, no one can take anything from you. The mass consciousness can make you to believe that taking something from you is possible. And then what happens is that you change the way you perceive, you change your energy structure to reflect that now you are believing that someone can take something from you. That a very different perspective, experience, truth...than actually some one actually being able to really take something from you. See. Because from the perspective where you realise that it is you who have taken on those patterns of that belief that someone can take something from you, or impose something on you. Then you can un-pattern that. And change that belief system. Disidentify with it. Let go of all the structures that had to do with that. Yes some structures may be painful because perhaps they were in your body long time, perhaps you inherited them from your ancestry. But they will move, they will release. Then you can create a different pattern, a more enjoyable pattern, a more loving pattern.


And yes for those of you, that are doing the work, that have done the goodness me...goodness us...what 2021 is going to be. You will surprise yourself, you will astound yourself. We are still in 2020 (at the time of live show) so we say thank you and we honour this year. For so many things have changed within you the most. And the outside world will keep changing.

Yes the outside world of mass consciousness will keep going through its own gyrations and processes and fears and things.


But you are no longer stuck, my dear ones, you are no longer stuck in that reality. For you are the creator. Be it, allow it. Feel it. Experience it. Create from that experience, create from that feeling, create from that truth.


I Am That I Am. And then you choose what you add on to this. And so it is, as these magical times have come to Earth. Such delightful, such fun times. And so it is that we thank you, we honour you, we greet you, we encourage you. And we are so looking forward to all the things that you will keep creating. And we are so looking forward to these kinds of circles that will keep ongoing in the new year.


And so with that dear friends, from us, from Mikael. From the one that is nothing, from the one that is everything. From I Am That I Am. From Alexis. We wish each and every one of you wonderful Christmas, wonderful holidays and a happy happy New Year. Allow the 2021 to be birthed.


And yes there will still be few things that will happen, there will still be few changes, there are still some happenings that you have placed in this year of 2020. The solar eclipse, the solstice, all of the celestial happenings. Enjoy dear ones for you know that you have done the work. And for those of you that are still in doubt, you are in a more wonderful place to. For you now have and are surrounded by, perhaps only on the internet and your technology, by many of those who have realised. To be a standard, to encourage you, to give you confirmation that yes this is real. To give you a confirmation and the encouragement to what is possible for each and every one of you.

Thank you dear ones. Thank you. All the best.

Mikael Dec 2020

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